Kanye Says Kim’s a Modern Marie Antoinette Cuz She’s Got Hella Cake

“Let them eat cake,” Kim Kardashian probably said before breaking the entire internet with her cake-filled Paper Magazine cover. And that’s probably why Kanye believes Kim is the modern day Marie Antoinette.

Kim and Kanye cover the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and while talking to Stephen Gan, Kanye talks about the revolution á la Marie Antoinette he believes Kim has inspired.

“My wife is the face of the change of fashion, where designers who literally wouldn’t let her sit in shows are now making entire collections based off of her shape,” Kanye says. “It’s funny, for Kim to be photographed so much, [she] represents our modern day Marie Antoinette.”

Although Marie and Kim both let the peasants eat cake (Kim’s is a more figurative booty-licious cake), there’s more Kim and Marie have in common than just popularity.

Marie Antoinette is credited with indirectly inspiring the French Revolution through her shameless and easy-to-hate glam factor.

As the queen of France, Marie was thought of as a figure of excess. She was lavish, and was always partying and gambling. She was framed for stealing a hella expensive diamond necklace, and even though she was innocent, the people of France believed her to be guilty. She went into hiding near Versailles, and that angered the people.

That basically triggered the French Revolution when a bunch of angry peasants stormed Bastille (which is why we have Bastille Day) and took arms to voice their disapproval of the monarchy. They asked that the king and queen be brought back to Paris.

Her husband was pretty dysfunctional as a leader, so she stepped up to try and help remedy the situation in France, but after a war with Austria and Prussia, the monarchy was again called into question.

The monarchy was dissolved as the French Republic was established, and the king and queen were arrested. Then Marie was tried for treason and found guilty by an all-male jury (of-fucking-course) and then executed.

Her legacy though as a trend-setter in the fashion world for the common people of France might be what Kanye is referring to, and there are a few other similarities Kim and Marie have. Aside from being fashion trendsetters, both are pillars of female leadership in a male-dominated world.

Marie challenged the typical role of a queen, and Kim changed how people think about women in a sexual manner. She challenged, and ultimately destroyed, the stereotype that you can’t be sexy and serious. She changed the game for female empowerment. They both changed something for the better, so Kanye was right about Kim being the modern day Marie.

Oh, and also the cake thing I guess.

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