How Kacy Hill Went From American Apparel Model To GOOD Music Signee

Kacy Hill has worked as an American Apparel model, a Kanye West backup dancer, and now, a new signee of Kanye West’s label, GOOD Music. How did the 21-year-old Arizona native get there? First, she had to move to Los Angeles.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, there was definitely a learning curve,” she said. “I met this nice Russian woman on Craigslist, and I lived on her couch for a few months. I got my car towed on the first day that I moved there, so that was hard. And after a while of modeling for American Apparel, I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life. I felt like a blob. So I started writing music and booked the Kanye tour, and then everything kind of snowballed from there!”

That’s a Cinderella story if we’ve ever heard one. Keep reading to learn more about Kacy’s rise to fame, her experience as an American Apparel model, and her alter ego that friends call “Sake Kacy.”

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Where does your album name, Bloo, come from?

The EP I was writing—I was in a phase of my life when I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, and everything felt sad and [had] this undertone, but…not so much the color…more of a feeling, which is probably why I spelled it differently.

You were an American Apparel model before. Did you go through any crazy experiences?

No, it was actually pretty tame! I became really good friends with the first photographer that I met when I moved to Los Angeles at 18. We kind of became a family, you know? So it was really fairly time.

How’d you get the Kanye tour?

That was actually through American Apparel as well. Vanessa Beecroft, who’s this amazing Italian artist that helps with the tours, loves American Apparel. So she chose a few dancers, including me.

If you were a music festival, which one would you be?

Ooh, that’s tough, because I haven’t been to that many. I’ve been to Coachella, but I think I’m a little too tame or something. I’d be some weird festival in the desert, maybe with some bluegrass or something. [Laughs] Something a little more kitschy.

How’d you celebrate your 21st birthday?

[Embarrassed laughter] I ate pasta, drank wine, and then did karaoke in Koreatown. The perfect LA birthday.

Is wine the alcoholic beverage that represents you most?

Sake! I actually have an alter ego that’s like, Sake Kacy. [Laughs] I love sake.

What’s your signature dance move?

Ooh, good question. Maybe arm-flailing? [Laughs]

What musician would you want to write a love song about you?

I mean, I would kind of die if Bowie wrote one. That’s the only person who could do it in a way that wasn’t cringe, you know?

What’s your favorite Kanye song of all time?

This might be against popular opinion, but I love “Good Life.” I obviously admire his artistic abilities and how much he pushes boundaries, but “Good Life” is such a happy, good song, and there aren’t enough of those.

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