Kaash Paige is a multifaceted artist who doesn’t shy away from challenges and taking control of her destiny. Although her music has been very successful over the years, she’s starting fresh as an independent artist who refuses to be put in a box and told what to do. In our new interview, we sat down with Kaash Paige to learn all about her new album and what she has in store for the future.  


How has being from Dallas, Texas influenced your music?  

Texas has influenced my style through its southern cultural roots. Plus, the local music scene changed my life as well. I was performing at house parties and smaller venues with other local artists that heavily influenced me to tap into more of my style and want bigger crowds. My distinctive sound people know me from, is authentic R&B and hip-hop blend, that was heavily influenced by Erykah Badu at the time of my growth in Dallas.  

Why did you decide to become an independent artist? 

 I became an independent artist to gain greater creative freedom and control over my music and career decisions. After experiencing the constraints of being signed to a label/production deal, I wanted the ability to direct my artistic vision without external pressures or limitations. This move allowed me to innovate more freely, manage my own releases, and connect more authentically with my audience & overall make what I wanna make! 

What have you learned about the music industry that you wish you would have known when you first started over 5 years ago?  

I learned the importance of understanding the business side of the music industry, the value of maintaining creative control. The value of ownership and the need for strong supportive representation – which I wished I had known when I first started, I was so naïve then. 

You’ve spoken about how you can’t be put into a box. Talk to us about how you’ve felt people have tried to put you in a box and how you’ve fought against it. 

People have tried to put me in a box by categorizing me solely as an R&B artist, limiting me to a specific sound or image. I fought against this by experimenting with various genres, collaborating with diverse artists, and consistently evolving my style. Staying true to my creative vision and refusing to conform to industry expectations. I have maintained my authenticity and showcased my versatility as an artist.  

Who are some of the diverse artists you’ve worked with so far? 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of amazing artists, including Alicia Keys, Killer Mike, Moneybagg Yo and Isaiah Rashad & many more. Each collaboration has brought something unique to my music, allowing me to experiment with different sounds and styles. 

Your first independent project “Catch Me While I Care” was recently released. Tell us about the process of creating this album and what it means to you.  

Creating “Catch Me While I Care” was a liberating experience for me. It allowed me to fully explore my artistic vision without constraints. This album represents my growth, independence, and the fun side of me. I love electronic music and I was able to capture my personal journey and emotions in a way that feels true to myself.  

What’s your current favorite song on this album and what does it mean to you? 

 Honestly my favorite song on the project is “Don’t We All” featuring The Big Hash. That song makes me cry because we’ve all been through it, we’ve all had pressure to be something great or not disappoint the people around us and I feel like that song for me just feels really comforting.  

Since your new album has more electric/dance vibes, do you think we’ll ever get another R & B project from you again?   

100000%, R & B has never left my soul! I’ve just been making music based off the era I’m in and based off the vibes I’m going through! I love all kinds of music, so it’ll always be R & B, it’ll always be hip hop and alternative etc. My next project will have a lot of R & B music!   

I really like “Waterfalls” from your new album. When you get into the lyrics it’s actually a little sad. Can you talk about the inspiration for this song?  

Thank you so much!! “Waterfalls” is a deeply personal track for me. The inspiration came from a tough period in my life where I was dealing with loss and emotional struggles. I wanted to convey the feeling of being overwhelmed, like everything is cascading down around you. Writing “Waterfalls” was a way to process those emotions and share a piece of my journey with my listeners. 

Can we expect any music videos this summer for this project? 

Absolutely! You can definitely expect some music videos this summer. I’m really excited about bringing the visuals to life and sharing them with you all. Keep an eye out for some creative and meaningful visuals that complement the songs on this project. Stay tuned! 

What have you enjoyed most about having more creative control over your career? 

 Now I do what I want! (in Lil Uzi’s voice) haha.   

For anyone who’s never heard a Kaash Paige song, what’s the first one you’re playing for them? 

Maybe “Love Songs”, so they can be like oh I’ve heard this before lol.

Speaking of your 2018 hit “Love songs”, this song had a resurgence on TikTok within the past year despite being released over 5 years ago. Talk to us about the inspiration behind this track and how it feels for older songs to gain new popularity.  

“Love Songs” was inspired by my personal experiences with love and relationships. I wanted to create a song that was raw and relatable, something that people could connect to on an emotional level. The lyrics came from a place of vulnerability and honesty, which I think is why they resonate with so many listeners.

Seeing the song gain a resurgence on TikTok has been incredible. It’s amazing how a platform can breathe new life into a track that was released years ago. The way users have embraced the song, creating their own content and sharing their stories, is really special. It feels like the song is reaching a whole new generation of fans, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the continued support and love for my music. 

Two years later you dropped the remix featuring 6lack. What made you drop the remix that much later?   

I dropped the remix of “Love Songs” featuring 6lack two years later to keep the song’s momentum going and to bring a fresh perspective to it. Collaborating with 6lack added a new layer of depth and emotion, making the remix a special treat for both existing fans and new listeners. 

Back in 2020 you were featured on Don Toliver’s album “Heaven or Hell” in the song “Euphoria”. How did this collaboration come about? Talk about the process of being on this track.  

I originally created euphoria in my homie’s dorm room aka Sonic Major (producer) at the college University of North Texas, then my manager at the time, she was Don Toliver’s A & R, so I was able to pull up on him at the studio and press play and he automatically fell in love with the song! Then afterwards, my team received news that he wanted it for his project and wanted to add Travis and keep me as first verse I instantly said yes! 

Let’s talk about your fashion style. How would you define it and what are your favorite items to wear? 

Honestly really comfortable, I love high fashion as well. But I just love to be comfortable and throw on something that feels good and I don’t gotta do too much. My favorite items to wear are matching sets and a hat or beanie!  

How will you be celebrating Pride Month?  

By being me and supporting others to be themselves as well! We only have one life! Make it the best ever! 

You’ve been a part of numerous brand campaigns from Ivy Park, Guess and Moose Knuckles. Who would you like to work with next?  

I would love to work with a shoe company next, and also do another clothing brand campaign or a collab. I’m pretty open to doing all sorts of campaigns though.  

What are your can’t live without hair products?   

I’d have to say Mielle, all of their products are amazing! 

You recently moved back to LA. Besides making music, what are some things you do for fun out there?   

I like to go to six flags, hang out with friends, and be a homebody honestly. I also like to go to events!

Will you be going on tour soon? Where can fans see you live this summer?   

Yes, I plan on doing some of my own shows this year, maybe a small mini tour! I might open up for a couple of artists on their tour runs. I have a festival I’m performing at in July out in Houston called Summer Jams and I plan on touring in Australia this year and just growing my fan base internationally!   

What’s next for Kaash Paige for the rest of 2024?    

In the remainder of 2024, I plan to continue promoting my album “Catch Me While I Care” & more music/projects I have on the way through live performances, interviews, and creative content. I aim to connect with my fans on a deeper level this year by vlogging and showing my face more!  

I wanna start sharing my experiences and insights through my music and social media presence. Additionally, I’m just working on new music and collaborations, further expanding my horizons and solidifying my place in the music industry as ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, as an independent artist. And if it makes sense, to sign to another label then God willingly it’ll happen! 


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Photographer: Wxsted Alex (@wxstedalex)

Photographer: Wavy Shooter (@wavyshooter)

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