Justine Cuenco’s Tips To The Perfect OOTD Pic

Meet Justine Cuenco!

She’s a California-based influencer specializing in social media content creation. Not only does has Justine started her own online retailer, Gypsum Style, but she also leads her very own production company, Blvnk Pvge.

After working with brands like Photogenics, Nelly, NA-KD, Lili Claspe, KOAHS, Kovey, and most recently serving as the Brand Ambassador Coordinator at Revolve Clothing, Justine has launched her very own lifestyle blog through Gypsum Style.

From style inspiration to fitness tips, Justine’s blog gives lifestyle tips for literally everything a girl should know. We caught up with the fashionista to find out just how she takes such perfect OOTD photos. See her answer, below.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a blogger?

The biggest misconception about being a “blogger” is that we always take photos of our food and sit in coffee shops all day [Laughs]. I’m speaking for myself when I say, I definitely am not that type of blogger.

What’s a social media faux pas, in your opinion?

Nobody likes an over hashtagger. We get it…#overhashtagging.

Which artists and/or musicians would you most want to make up your dream team entourage?

My epic entourage would include Chrissy Teigen for her loud opinions, Arielle Vandenberg for being hilarious at all times, Racquel Natasha because she’s just a guy magnet, and Jessica Serfaty for being god damn beautiful and funny.

What’s the secret to the best Instagram post? Or better yet, the secret to the best OOTD pic?

The best Instgram post is usually a photo your friend took while posing in between shots. Nobody likes a stiff rigid pose. It’s the semi-candids that usually kill it.

If you had to wear one outfit for the entire year of 2016, what would it be?

A bikini. That’s it. Assuming I’m on a tropical island, of course.

Which city has the best shopping?

I mostly shop online, but I would assume China has the best shopping in the world.

Who is your biggest style icon?

My biggest life icon is Margaret Zhang, hands down. She is the epitome of a powerhouse.

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