July Talk Calls Out A “Fan” for Shouting Misogynist B.S. During a Show

Rock band July Talk is known for having ridiculously sick guitar riffs and being wildly confrontational with their music — especially because they are fronted by fearless, badass feminist singer/actress/performance artist Leah Fay.

The band released a song called, “Lola + Joseph” last year on their album, “Touch,” which expresses their opinion on mainstream sexual narratives. Just a week after the Women’s March, this obv couldn’t be more relevant.

Leah says of the song:

The lyrics of “Lola + Joseph” are about two people acting out a sexual fantasy. It’s [our] attempt at subverting predictable mainstream sexual narratives that tend to be centered around male-pleasure (Hollywood movies, porn, etc) in an effort to portray something more balanced and open. A lot of storylines in popular music fall into these predictable tropes whether it be male songwriters musing over virginal female characters; male songwriters musing over promiscuous female characters; women singing about male characters who suck and disrespect them; toxic relationships that can’t be quit; a desire for no strings sex; etc. There seemed to be a song missing that was written from a perspective of sexual equality with an interest in exploring the gender spectrum. “Lola” [is our] empowered, experienced feminine-identifying character, well-versed in the language of sexual consent. She conversed with our masculine-identifying “Joseph” (“a virgin from a lonely town”) about what she wanted. The people playing these roles are never really acknowledged because the whole point is that they could be anyone – not just a man and a woman playing the assumed roles based on their gender identity.

Even though Leah has an obvious strong stance on the subject, things went awry recently at a quiet moment during a performance, where a so-called “fan” shouted “show us your tits!” at Leah, who was both horrified and disappointed. Later that night, she took to her Twitter account to write a letter to this rude ass fan:

Applause for Leah standing up for herself. She also says that July Talk “writes lyrics from a human perspective instead of one that uses traditional, heteronormative gender roles where masculine and feminine are defined as opposites and pinned against each other.” Leah adds, “In July Talk, we have the opportunity to promote two equal voices instead of one, and to create collaboratively and democratically. It’s not a responsibility that we take lightly.”

Check the live video out of July Talk’s “Lola + Joseph” and check out their list of dates for their upcoming tour.

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