Joseph Luca Shares PART 1: Ouroboros (Life) EP + “Full Time Lover” Video, More New Music Coming Soon

Raised in Ojai, CA, Joseph Luca is a progressive artist and songwriter whose music examines love, vulnerability, sexual fluidity, and one’s internal sense of freedom against the will of a repressive society. For fans of Prince, Jeff Buckley, and Miguel – Joseph Luca brings sensual and vulnerable narratives with Pop sensibility to Alternative Soul. Having headlined and sold out the Troubadour, performing with Mike Posner and Haley Reinhart, all the way to performing with Mak J at EDC, Joseph Luca’s stage presence and energy is electric and leave his fans feeling euphoric and free. 

Now, Joseph Luca returns with a brand new EP entitled PART 1: Ouroboros (Life), the first in a three-part EP series that examines the full evolution of an individual coming into their full power and acceptance of pansexuality and living their life as their truest self through a metaphorical shedding/cycle of “life, death, and rebirth.” To celebrate the EP’s release, Luca additionally shares a brand new video for its focus track, “Full Time Lover.” 

PART 1: Ouroboros (Life) – TRACKLISTING
01. Full Time Lover
02. Green Lights
03. Lover For Life (feat. MAXIMILLIAN)
04. Cupid Played Pretend
05. Nowhere

“Full-Time Lover” is a song about seeing every person as worthy of love in the eyes of the divine for whatever one may believe or whoever one may choose to love.” The new video for the track finds Joseph Luca embracing romantic fluidity in a way that challenges conventional ideas of how one may be allowed to love. It reveals both the struggle and the perseverance of an individual choosing himself over any external perception that would keep him from truly falling in love.

The full-length PART 1: Ouroboros (Life), where “Full-Time Lover” originates, encapsulates the progression of an individual who’s had to find the power within sexual fluidity regardless of all the ups & downs it may come with in everyday life. Regardless of the setbacks, they always find the courage it takes to go out in the world and fearlessly pursue love at whatever cost despite all the barriers set in place by society and its often-repressive nature. This world has a way of casting an illusion that we all must fit in or suffer in silence while offering us hierarchical labels that come with its own set of predetermined privileges and consequences. Joseph Luca’s music is here to encourage the idea that to refuse this offer and to transcend these bounds reveals the universal nature of love itself. We are all simply here to have a human experience. 

Stay tuned for more from Joseph Luca, coming soon via ONErpm.

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