Jordyn Woods Talks Modeling And Dating In Hollywood

Between over half a million Instagram followers and a contract with Wilhelmina Curve, things are looking good for Jordyn Woods. With full support from her squad (especially Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith), Jordyn might just be the next social media supermodel. We caught up with her to talk new signee jitters, the cons of being social media famous, and what it’s like to date with a gaggle of famous friends. It’s only the beginning for Jordyn. Check out her Q+A below.

House of CB Top and Skirt

How has your life changed now that you’ve joined Wilhelmina’s Curve board?

Well, joining Wilhelmina’s Curve board helped me make the first step in my path. Being that I signed when I just turned 18, it was almost like taking a jump into the adult world. I feel like my followers can now admire me for something that I’m doing rather than following me for my lifestyle.

Since you’ve become a part of the plus-size world, is there anything within the industry you’ve noticed that you’d like to change?

I’m beginning to notice that the modeling industry is changing completely, and the fit requirements are starting to disappear. It’s more about having a cool aesthetic. I definitely feel like the word “plus” should be eliminated from the term “model.”

I was just talking to Barbie Ferreira about her fears before shooting her un-retouched Aerie campaign. Have you ever or would you ever be comfortable doing a campaign with no Photoshop?

I would be okay with doing so, but I feel like society would have an issue with that.

Who are some of your role models who promote positive body image?

You know, it’s hard to find a positive role model in this day and age. I honestly admire the other curve models so much.

Are your friends supportive of your modeling career?

I have amazing friends, and they are very supportive of everything I want to do.

What’s the most important advice you’ve received regarding your career thus far?

I know it sounds very cliché, but take chances and enjoy the ride.

You and your group of friends look like you’re always having a good time. Y’all are weird! You guys are goofy and funny. What’s your role in your friend group? Are you the funny one?

I would say we all are pretty funny in our own way. We all have similar senses of humor, but all have such different personalities. Either way, we are always laughing.

You always seem to be cooking bomb-ass food! What’s your favorite thing to make? Or what are you best at?

My friends and I are always trying to make new things and expand our mental cookbook. I love making tacos. They’re so fast to make and rarely ever turn out bad.

I’d imagine making new friends is hard. How do you guard yourself or stay wary of the users and people who may have intentions other than genuinely being your friend?

Nowadays, everyone has an intention. I love being around new people, but when it comes to allowing people in my world, I always have a million guards up.

Do you find dating to be a weird thing since you’re so well known on social media? Like, do boys usually know who you are?

Dating is very weird! Social media or not, this generation has a strange idea of what a relationship is. You can just scroll through someone’s Instagram and get an idea of who they are, and it leaves no mystery to a person. I would say a lot of boys already know who I am before they even start talking to me. I’m okay with that, as long as I can tell that there are no negative intentions.

You’re a DJ on Kylie radio! What are your favorite songs at the moment?

My favorite song changes everyday, but right now it’s “Uber Everywhere” (by Madeintyo) and “Hella Os” (by Wiz Khalifa).

Photography and Creative Direction by Prince + Jacob

Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn

Makeup by Cherish Brooke Hill

Hair by Nai’vasha Johnson for Exclusive Artists using Karatese Products 

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