Who Is Jessica Lea Mayfield And Why Is This Song So Good?

A boy showed me this song randomly, as they tend to do, and I’m now obsessed with it. A lovely woman named Jessica Lea Mayfield sings it, and the song is called “Our Hearts Are Wrong.” Listening to it reminds me of the inner peace I’d feel while getting ready for high school in the morning when Twin Sister songs dominated my “Get Ready for School” playlist.

Through an in-depth YouTube search, I learned that Jessica likes to constantly change her hair color, which makes her virtually unrecognizable at times. The songs were recorded a number of years ago, but according to her Twitter, she’s currently on tour. She also has exactly 6,497 Twitter followers, which is social media blasphemy, if you ask me.

Without further ado, here’s Jessica Lea Mayfield’s “Our Hearts Are Wrong.”

The rest of her songs are awesome too. Check out her SoundCloud here.

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