Jena Freidman Will Take Over Our Twitter To Live Tweet The Debate Tonight

If you’ve ever been on Twitter during a presidential debate, you know that sh*t gets cray.

Considering how insane this election has already been, we can only imagine the sh*t that’s going to go down at tonight’s debate between Trump and Clinton. But for those of you who aren’t into watching the debate, need comedic relief, or are too broke too afford cable, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Jena Freidman – comedian, filmmaker, former producer of The Daily Show – will be taking over our Twitter tonight (@TheGaloreMag) to live-tweet the presidential debate in all its spray-tanned, pantsuited glory. Friedman will also be releasing American Cunt on October 20th via Seeso, so keep tabs on that for more hilarity.

Follow us @TheGaloreMag on Twitter to keep tabs on tonight’s debate and LOL at all the dumb shit Trump says all while staying politically informed in a fun way!

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