Jaira Burns wrote a song about smoking weed that’s p chill

Jaira Burns, pronounced JAIR-ra, is ready to burn her mark on the music industry.

Her second single “Burn Slow” is the kind of easy, breezy bop that’s perfect to burn one slow too, which is fitting because that’s part of what the song’s about in the first place.

Fire up your joints and check out our interview with the blue haired goddess below. 

You just released your new song “Burn Slow” Tell us about your new song ?

Burn Slow is a song about two people kickin’ it and enjoying each other’s vibes while burning one slow.

And what led you to make it?

“Burn Slow” represents a little bit of a softer side of myself. The song meaning is literally something I do almost every day.

What is your number one inspiration for writing music?

My number one inspiration for writing music is anything that has happened in my life or is happening right now. I like to write about things I’ve been through, because I’m sure I’m not alone, and I want people to know they aren’t alone in this crazy world either.

What’s your favorite song to jam out to in the uber on the way to the party?

The song I would be jamming to is Relationship by Young Thug x Future.

Who in your opinion is killing it right now in the music industry?

I think Khalid (the singer) is KILLIN it right now. I love his music.

What’s your go to favorite beauty product?

I’m in love with SugarPill.

Contour or highlight?

HIGHLIGHT for dayyyz.

Fuck marry kill: young Leo, young Brad, young Johnny?

Fuck Brad Pitt. Marry Leo. Kill Johnny. Sorrrry, Johnny.


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