You’ll adore 2000s Dior after a peek through this Instagram

If you haven’t already stumbled across @diorinthe2000s on Instagram, are you really even into fashion? I mean, no hate if you aren’t a Dior fan, but the archive of images curated by Rodrigo Valderrama is truly resplendent.

Rodrigo is a student from Chile who created an Instagram compiling archives of images from Dior shows from the early 2000s to now, and he opened up to us about the process.

The 2000’s were a very influential time for all fashion designers, why is it that Dior caught your attention the most?

Even when a lot of designers were doing iconic things on different fashion houses, Galliano did something that I think is unique. EVERY fashion show is unforgettable! Clothes, models, hair, music, the shows had everything!

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Are you into fashion, and if you are, how would you describe your sense of style?

I’m happy because I decided to follow a career in fashion, I’m getting into art direction and I couldn’t be happier. It makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing instead of getting into an “out-of-fashion” career that won’t make me happy and feel complete. My sense of fashion is very simple, I mean, I think about glamour and big things on other people but for me, I’m okay with “normal” clothes on.

Has John Galliano influenced your personal style?

John Galliano has inspired to me to follow a career in fashion. I can’t tell you that Galliano has influenced my personal style because as I said before, I’m very simple. What I can tell you is that when I imagine the direction I would like to follow when I have my career, I would love to give a little Galliano touch to everything. He made and is still making things that are out of this world, I don’t even know if this man knows how much he has influenced and inspired other people.

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Whats your favorite runway collection from the 2000’s, and why?

The show that takes my breath away, the show that I watch at least four times per month since it’s in high definition on YouTube (yeah, all that is a little bit dramatic but totally true), is Dior fall 2003 ready to wear. The music, the models, the make up, the styling, the poses, the everything! Some people love it, some people hate it, but for me it’s perfect.

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What do you hope to achieve by creating a 2000’s Dior archive on Instagram?

I started this account because I never found the images from the shows that I wanted to find. I wanted to share my obsession for Dior in the 2000’s, so if you ask me what I hope to achieve, I would tell you that I hope to keep achieving what I’m already getting: comments, opinions, people sharing the same love that I have for these collections, sending me messages showing the Dior items that they own, telling me that they’re just as obsessed as me, basically to keep bringing fashionistas to the page.

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If you had to choose one word to describe the aesthetic of Dior fashion throughout the 2000’s, what would it be?

If I could define Dior in the 2000’s… I couldn’t choose one word. Extravaganza, art, beauty, glamour, maximalism, fun, magic! If you ask me to define their aesthetic I would use the word DIVERSE. The great thing about Galliano’s vision of Dior was that he never was stuck in only one concept, he could give you a South American-inspired collection with chullos and Shakira playing in the background and four months later he could be giving us a urban street inspired collection with big parkas and fur dresses, he never stops creating and bringing beauty to the runway.

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