Izye Debuts Her Killer Ep: “F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!!”

21-year-old Izye is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and pop visionary out of the San Francisco Bay Area who refuses to stay put in a single spot when it comes to her musical vibes. Izye flows and levitates effortlessly across Pop hallways, R&B rooms, and trap-infused alcoves all in search of something raw, authentic, and definitely inspired. With her new EP, Izye shows us the full spectrum of her palette of sounds and influences.

“F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!!” is upfront and unapologetic, and whatever you may think it lacks, it will make up for it with tons of attitude. The EP is a seven-song journey across different perspectives on rejection, disillusionment, failure, and more, but all ultimately come to a head on a single coherent message: Getting the Money; Knowing your true value. 

Listen to “F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!!” HERE

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Of course, there’s a literal sense to it, getting paid, and focusing on growing your wealth and your independence, all perfectly laudable goals in their own right, but beyond that, it’s all also about staying true to yourself and your well-being, to protecting your interests and knowing that you’re putting your time and energy into that which is of profit to you and your future. Girls, you tired of all the heartache? It’s time to FUCK BOYS, and GET MONEY!!!

The EP is a collection of live-wire and racy pop melodies set to hard-hitting bass soaked in neon synth colors and even the occasional unchained guitar wail. Her lyrics are as catchy as can be, and you’ll find her words roll off the tongue easily, but if you were the subject of some of the wrath and determination she sings with, let’s just say you wouldn’t be left unscathed.

With songs like “bad 4 me” and “drip”, she shows more of her edge and sas than her grit, which comes later with tracks like the guitar-heave ballad “your girl” and the astounding refined atmosphere of “fwmf” before closing it all up with ‘nowugoturway’. All 7 songs are either pulsing with sexy and strong energy or giving off an aura of vulnerability and pain turned to fierceness. Izye is an emotional alchemist transmuting her lived experience into rocket fuel that sounds as good blasting out of your car’s stereo on a Friday night or to help you move on from a messy breakup.

If it hadn’t become clear by now, Izye is operating on a whole new level, vibrant pulsing energy that rides the high-tide waves of empowerment in every regard; and what’s more: She’s just getting started. Keep your ears glued to her platforms!




Featured Photo by Spaced Visuals

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