Ivy Levan Is a Sexy Usherette in the New ‘Rocky Horror’

Ivy Levan is a singer with a new EP on the horizon. Don’t miss her in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fox tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Let’s jump right in! Which character do you play?

Her name is Trixie and she’s the usherette. She’s actually not in the original film, but she represents the live interaction aspect of it. She seats you and she’s the one that orchestrates the narrative of what’s going on.

How are you similar to Trixie?

She’s very vaudeville, she’s very sexy, very starry eyed, and I definitely relate to that. She’s very glamorous but weird. Like a “you don’t know if she’ll kill you in her sleep” vibe. Keep ‘em guessing.

What does Trixie wear?

She wears a really skimpy version of an usher costume that you’d see in old movies back in the ‘40s, except her tits are out. I felt like sex on wheels. It was basically Halloween for two weeks.

What’s your favorite aspect of Rocky Horror — what’s great about it?

The liberation aspect of it. It’s all about sex, being free, having fun, and being freaky. And I think people should embrace that part of themselves more instead of being uptight.

What was a highlight from filming the movie?

You know what, there isn’t just one. The highlight was being at the Roxy for the premiere, at the theatre where they did the original Rocky Horror like 40 years ago. So that was a trip.

Was it a great time performing with the cast?

It was a blast.

Do you like Halloween?

More than anything in the world!

Do you know what you’re gonna be?

You know what, I really don’t. And I’m stressing out about it. What the hell! What is that.

Did you go trick or treating when you were little?

Yeah we definitely did. I think we were more of the pranksters… you know little shitheads that would throw eggs at people’s houses and teepee people’s trees.

Are you a trick or a treat?

I think it’s a treat to be around this trick. [laughs]

So, on to you and your music. How would you describe your sound?

It’s pop. Soul pop. The sound is a little off, a little different, a little dark, but still very big and soulful.

What topics do you write about?

A lot of heartbreak. A lot of revenge. A lot of picking up the pieces afterwards.

Based on true stories?

Oh yeah.

So you’ve seen some shit!

I’ve had some very interesting relationships that make for good writing.

Some musicians you’d call your fav?

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nine Inch Nails. I have such a weird variety of people that I like. Whitney Houston. Tom Waits.

We were just listening to Tom Waits! He’s so whacky we love it.

I fucking love it. He sounds like where I’m from.

Where are you from?

Arkansas. His music sounds very swampy and backwoods.

Is that a big part of your personality?

Yes, I have that grit to me that people don’t know at first.

What’s one thing that Arkansas does better than LA?


What does LA do better?

I moved here for singing and for being creative. I guess the arts– being able to be open and free and be myself. I can literally walk out in a trash bag and nobody would give a shit, and I love that.

So you’re working on your new EP!

Yes, I’m working on a new record. The sound is still me, it’s still my voice and writing, but it’ll be a little more poppy and less of throwback era this time. Hopefully it’s something that will be coming out early next year!

You can find Ivy’s music on Spotify and iTunes.

Photos by Prince & Jacob

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