I’ve Had the Same Sleep Issue as Kendall and Here’s What It’s Like

By now we’ve all seen either the E! trailer or the headlines: on next week’s KUTWK, Kendall Jenner tells Kris she’s been suffering from sleep paralysis.

Normally, I would raise an eyebrow at her complaint. She’s rich and famous and gorgeous, how hard could her life be, right?

But this time, I have a sympathetic hug to give her because sleep paralysis sucks. I’ve had it and Kendall isn’t exaggerating. It will leave you stressed out, tired, and scared to go to sleep.

Sleep Paralysis is defined by WedMD as “a feeling of being conscious but unable to move.” In my opinion, it feels like seeing your favorite chocolate cake and not being able to take a bite from it. I have never had the best luck with sleep and I usually mumble the odd German word at 2 a.m. or confess my love for Hugh Grant. BUT, until I started getting sleep paralysis, I didn’t realize how lucky I was.

The first time it happened I was tucked up in bed dreaming about sipping pina coladas whilst frolicking in the clouds and all of a sudden, my eyes were open and I couldn’t move. I laid there sweating and frantically thinking I was paralyzed. Basically, it was like my mind was awake but my body was still in dreamland.

This can occur when you go to sleep or when you awaken. In my case it has happened when I wake up. Either way it is caused because the body isn’t able to transition smoothly from sleeping to waking or vice versa, according to BuzzFeed.

It gets even weirder and creepier, though.

I know this might sound a bit crazy, but in some cases — including mine — I have seen a dark figure luring around my bedroom and I can’t get up and run away! I’m not sure if Kendall’s experience this at all, but obviously, it’s terrifying.

Sleep paralysis can happen to most people so be aware because if Kendall Jenner can get it so can you. Pro tip: a boyfriend will come in handy to calm you down and scare away the ghost. Other than that, there’s not much you can do.

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