Ivanka Trump Basically Wore a Formal Skort to the Inauguration

Just when you thought Trump’s inauguration couldn’t get any more horrific, we noticed Ivanka Trump was wearing a full-length skort.

Or at least an unevenly hemmed jacket with pants, which looked a whole lot like a full-length skort.


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We thought for sure we’d seen the last of the full length skort phenomenon back in September when Gigi Hadid tried wearing one in Milan and cheap knockoffs didn’t immediately start popping up in the Rainbows and Necessary Clothings of the world.

But little did we know, Ivanka Trump was just biding her time to launch Gigi’s confusing new trend into mainstream consciousness.

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It’s also worth noting Ivanka’s inauguration outfit looks a lot like a typical Hillary Clinton pantsuit.

Only tragic.

Because it’s a skort.

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But hey, look on the bright side.

When the skort trend eventually trickles down into everyday fashion, you can say your decision not to wear one is actually an act of political protest.

Even if we can’t say no to the Trumps occupying the White House for the next four-eight years, at least we can say no to skorts.

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