Isis King talks all about her role in “With Love”, beauty & what’s next!

Our favorite Model/Actress, Isis King, stars on Amazon Primes “With Love” as Sol Perez. With Modeling and Acting under her belt, Isis is busier than ever, we chat about everything from her time on America’s Next Top Model to what advice Tyra gave to her that still follows her. Follow Isis here.

Denim Cross top – Blumarine
Jeans – Blumarine
Jewelry – Stylist owned (Vintage)

Featured Interview:

Tell us about your character on Prime’s “With Love”

My character name is Sol Perez, and they are a oncologist. The closest cousin, to the Diaz siblings and all-around sweetheart of the family. During the first two seasons, you see Sol go on this journey of building confidence within their self, but also building their relationship with Miles.

How did that opportunity come about?

An audition came up for an hour-long romantic comedy series. I saw that my character Sol Perez was going to be considered the heart of the family and was surrounded by love from every section PLUS also a Doctor. That’s not a character breakdown we usually get as trans actors, so I jumped on the opportunity to audition, and I booked the it!

Jean Dress – Retrofete
Earrings – Androhmeda

Growing up did you ever watch rom-coms?

I’ve been obsessed with rom-coms as long as I can remember! I love the way they make me feel and the optimism they bring! We all deserve out happily ever after’s.

So we all remember you from America Next top model how was that experience and how did that moment prepare you for all your success now?

-Over All I wouldn’t take any of it back because I wouldn’t be here now. I would say it would have been nice to receive REAL paychecks and residuals for the show. It’s still so popular and has so many hours watched, there is no reason every contestant shouldn’t have gotten a bag of of it. That’s one thing I wish was different. Hopefully, a Reality TV Union really happens.

What one thing that TYRA told you that you carry with you today?

-ust Tyra looking at me in the eyes and telling me how proud she is of me is enough. I was such a timid little thing when she met me, and I’m so different now! I’ve always looked up to her so it just hits differently when she say it because she has watched me evolve from the ground up.

What is your beauty philosophy

My beauty philosophy is to do what you want! So many people are scrambling to follow trends, not enough people and breading to their own drums unapologetically. So I do what I want. On trend, off trend, as long as I’m comfortable, and confident in what ever I’m doing that’s all that matters to me at that moment.

Outfit Printed dress – Y/Project x Jean-Paul Gaultier
Shoes – Jessica Rich

What is one beauty hack you live by?

Hummm, right now I’m all about afew strokes of the brow pen to give me hair strokes in the middle corners of my brows. I don’t know why it gives me so much life I go for that more than concealer under my eyes these days when I’m running out the house.

What is one drug store beauty item no girl should be with out?

I feel like no girl should be without a nice buttery nude lip gloss! You can find them from any brand just about. Something non sticky, with a nice natural tone. Works for every age, every occasion and helps your lips look juicy and plump.

What makes you a rebellious creator?

I’m a rebellious creator because I march to the beat of my own drum. Always followed my gut and not what others think I should do, and I believe that has helped me keep my authentic identity through these 16 years as a public figure.

White and Blue 2 piece – Rusty Reconstructed
Earrings – Givenchy

How are you disrupting the landscape of acting with your creativity?

This is less about me and more about the people making the decisions. There is an interest in inclusive content, it’s up to the networks to amplify said content. I will continue to do what I do and give it my little spin with every opportunity I have and hope that it continues to resonate with those with others.

What is next for you on this superstar journey?

There is the Writers & Actors strikes happening right now that have so much at a standstill. When things open back up we will see what happens. What’s next for me? More of everything. Continuing to find ways to take my brand to the next level and following my dreams I manifested for myself as a young kid in Prince George’s Country, Maryland

Team Credits:

Talent: Isis King @msisisking

Photographer: Juan Veloz @jveloz

Wardrobe Stylist: Manny Jay @mannyjay 

Hair: Marcela Osegueda @marcela.osegueda

MUA: Ko Wills @ko_onthego

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