Isidora Goreshter On ‘Shameless’ Season 6 & Filming A Nude Scene While Pregnant

Isidora (Izzy) Goreshter plays Svetlana, a Russian prostitute forced into marriage, on Showtime’s Shameless

After only a few seasons, Svetlana has become an integral part of the show, with her no bullshit attitude and hilarious relationships with the other characters. Now, in season six, everyone needs Svetlana, but she still doesn’t need anyone. Typical bad bitch behavior.

Because season six is nearing its end, we just had to catch up with Izzy to find out what we can expect from the final episodes. In the q+a below, Izzy explains her character’s development, tells stories from set, and even opens up about that one time she had to wear a strap on, naked, while three months pregnant.

Mallory Llewellyn: I read you felt your audition was weird! What happened?

Izzy Goreshter: It was just incredibly awkward! There wasn’t a lot of dialogue until the day of the audition, so I had very little time to prepare. In the room I had to massage the back of a wooden chair then feel myself up while pretending as if someone else was doing it. All of that while talking with the reader about the price of a blowjob. Looking back, it was pretty hilarious.

Tell me a little about how you grew up and what your family was like?

IG: I grew up in a very artistic family. My parents are both from the Former Soviet Union. Both my mother and brother are musicians and my father was a journalist back in Russia. Growing up, I was involved in a lot of activities including ballet, gymnastics, violin, and piano. My parents always made sure I was exposed to a lot of art and culture from a very early age. We would watch a lot of movies, go to art museums, and travel. I think all that has definitely shaped who I am as an actor today.

What’s it like on the set of Shameless?

IG: It’s like summer camp. I get to work with some of the most incredible actors every day and everyone gets along. We all hang out in the make-up trailer together and talk about what’s going on in our lives. I think it’s rare for such a big cast to get along so well, but we really do all love each other. We keep in touch over hiatus and when we see everyone back at work it’s like no time has passed!

Do you have a funny memory? Or maybe even just your favorite memory from set?

IG: One of my favorite days on set was actually a hard day for me, but looking back it made for a great scene. It’s the season four finale I believe, where I dye my hair orange and wear a strap-on and confront Mickey. I was three months pregnant and no one knew and I was feeling really sick and vulnerable and it was such an important scene for Noel. I had to really show up for him and put all my issues aside. It’s a really intense scene, so in between takes we would chase each other with dildos. Just another day in the Shameless office!

Did you watch the show before you signed on?

IG: I had seen the English version and loved it. When I found out I booked the show I binge watched the first two seasons in two days and was completely hooked.

How do your fans interact with you now?

IG: We truly have the greatest fans in the world. They are very devoted and the first thing I usually hear is like, “Shameless is my favorite show on television.” Most of the time they are very surprised that I don’t have a Russian accent!

My mom thinks you’re a badass bitch on the show! She’s always like, “Mallory, that’s how you get men to respect you!” But in real life, what are some of your tips to being a respectable, successful, working woman in the industry?

IG: Your mom is amazing. Please give her a high five for me. Everyone needs a little Svetlana in their soul! I think the most important thing to remember in this industry is not to take it personal. Out of one hundred no’s there will maybe be one yes. If you let rejection affect you every time, you won’t ever leave your house. You have to stand up for what you believe in artistically. There have been times when a director wants to take a scene in a certain direction that isn’t appropriate for the scene. Just because we are on cable doesn’t mean we have to show everything all the time. You have to make sure you communicate your concerns and stand up for yourself. You have to be clear on what you will and won’t do and what makes sense for the story.

Is there any part of your character on Shameless that you relate to in real life?

IG: Absolutely, we are actually very similar. She will do anything to protect her family, and is very hard working. She hustles and doesn’t take shit from anybody. I’m also a very blunt and honest person in real life. I am much softer than her, but aside from the obvious like having sex for money, we have a lot more in common than not!

What can we expect for the rest of this season on Shameless?

IG: Things are about to get really intense for Svetlana. That includes Kev and V as well. She has a run in with immigration and they have to figure out how to get out of it. It’s going to be awesome!

Photos by Josh Ryan.

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