The Internet Is Using This $7 Laxative As A Face Primer

When it comes to finding the perfect primer, there’s truly no need to splurge. Milk of Magnesia—yes, I mean the laxative—works wonders as a pre-face-beat primer, and best of all, it only costs $7 at your local drugstore.

This beauty trick has been around for quite a while. Major makeup artists are big fans of this stuff, using it on celebrity clientele, in favor of its high end alternatives:

“A lot of water-based primers just feel like another moisturizer, and the silicone-based primers feel waxy or they still don’t stick,” makeup artist Julianne Kaye told the Daily Mail. “When you put Milk of Magnesia on your face, you can actually feel that veil over the skin.”

Even one of Kylie Jenner’s fav makeup artists Hrush Achemyan loves to prep the face with it, claiming it creates a layer between the foundation and the face to ensure that it looks good on the skin under the brightest of lights.

The fluid, which some people refer to as “Pepto-Bismol-like,” is also great for oily skin as it sops up excess grease, controls shine, and tightens pores. In fact, if you’re not into primers, you can use it as a mask or spot treatment.

Here’s a chill demo:–7AoJX5s

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