How VLONE Is Bringing The A$AP Lifestyle To The Fashion World

It seems as though everyone in skate, fashion, and streetwear is a fan of VLONEA$AP Bari’s new clothing brand.

“If fashion is still alive, skating is still alive,” Bari told me backstage at his presentation in Los Angeles, which took place at Wes Lang’s studio. And he most definitely demonstrated this through a runway-turned-halfpipe, where models/skaters sported workwear jumpsuits with “Fuck LA” and “Fuck NY” written across. The show even featured select pieces from an exclusive VLONE x Off White capsule collection in collaboration with friend and designer Virgil Abloh. Some models wore no shirts at all, which we’re definitely not mad about.

With support of the entire A$AP mob and friends, including A$AP Nast, A$AP Rocky, Ian Conner, Virgil Abloh, and more, Bari’s no-fucks-given style is taking the streetwear world by storm. In the Q+A below, A$AP Bari gives us more insight to his latest endeavor in fashion.


Why did you choose Wes Lang’s studio for the presentation?

A friend offered me the space, and I gladly took it. It was passed down from a friend, but I had to meet with Wes personally for him to give the okay in passing it on to me.

How do you think skate culture will continue to influence fashion?

If fashion is still alive, skating is still alive.


Wes Lang’s studio in downtown LA.

Is streetwear more important than high fashion, or are the two becoming interchangeable?

They’re both the same now. For example, people that are in high fashion wear Supreme — there’s no longer any difference.

How is VLONE bringing the A$AP Mob lifestyle into the fashion industry?

By giving people the VLONE lifestyle.


A$AP Rocky wearing a custom VLONE jacket.

What was the inspiration behind the VLONE collection launch?

It was 1985, skate, Venice, and California vibes.

How did Virgil and yourself conceptualize the Off White capsule?

Just by vibing with each other late night while exchanging energy and ideas.


A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari with the models after the presentation.

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