How To Salvage Your Shattered Blush

It’s easy to make one little slip during your makeup application process and drop your favorite powder blush. Sometimes it stays intact, offering you some relief. Other times your heart shatters along with the blush. The good news is there’s a way to fix it. The bad news is that unfortunately, it does require a little patience.

To reset your shattered blush, just mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the broken pieces. Keep adding little by little until the product has fully absorbed it, then stir the product with a toothpick. Once you’ve created a smooth paste, flatten your blush and let it set overnight. Even if it doesn’t look as beautiful as it once did, it will be fully restored and work just as it did before you dropped it.

This process works on bronzers, eye shadows, and just about any pressed powder product you can think of. Hip hip hooray!

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