How To Fix Guys’ 3 Most Common Problems In Bed

If we could all find a guy that was tall, dark, and handsome, we would. Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as a guy who’s the perfect package (he might have a perfect package, but that’s a different story). Sometimes you find yourself with the sweetest, hottest, funniest guy and are siked… then you realize he doesn’t know shit about sex.

You may be upset and think you need to find a new dude, but you don’t. In fact, it’s easier to “train” a guy in bed than you may think. In a perfect world you could just bark orders at him and he’d obey. In fact, that might work for some guys, but others will throw a hissy fit if you try to tell them they’re doing something wrong.

So for most guys, you have to finesse it a little bit. All it takes is a little massaging of the delicate male ego, and he won’t even realize you’re criticizing him.

The Problem: He’s Too Rough

A lot of girls like it a little bit rough, but there are certain places where a dude needs to be gentle. Case in point: our delicate vaginas. A little hair pulling and spanking is great, but when a dude is rubbing your clit so hard that he may start a fire, it’s time to hit the brakes.

Instead of saying something like, “Can you please stop treating my vagina like a stain in your khakis that you’re trying to rub out,” say something like, “Ooh, I’m too sensitive down there.” You won’t hurt his feelings, but you’ll slowly teach him to treat your vagina like the precious princess that it is. When you get to the point that you want him to be rougher (like, when you’re about to cum), simply moan for him to go faster/harder, and he’ll certainly get the hint.

The Problem: He’s Too Gentle

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some dudes are super vanilla and treat you like a precious piece of china that will break from a hard thrust or a little bite. That’s no fun either unless you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re into extra rough/kinky stuff, try sending him an example of something that gets you off — i.e: your go-to porno or your favorite piece of erotic fiction. He’ll likely take the hint and try some of the maneuvers on you himself. If you just want him to be a bit rougher in general, try to communicate that during sex in the most seductive way possible. Phrases like “mmm harder,” “pull my hair,” “fuck me faster” and the like go a long way.

The Problem: He’s Too Speedy

Guys don’t need foreplay quite as much as we women do, and if they’re in a rush, they have no problem going straight to penetration. While quickies can be fun once in a while, many of us can’t get turned on from a few kisses — plus we can actually get hurt from the non-lubricated sex that guys seem to still somehow enjoy.

To get your guy to slow down, try to focus on the baby steps. Once you have sex with a long-term partner, it can be natural to not engage in so much making out prior to the main event. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, indulge in a make-out session, and explain to your dude how much you love kissing him and taking things slow. Even go as far as to tell him that slowing things down makes sex so much more pleasurable for you. Once your man sees how much more wet and more orgasmic you are after some serious foreplay, he shouldn’t have a problem wanting to do things your way from now on.

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