How to Eat Healthy When You’re Broke

Sample sales are always worth it. So are vintage steals, foamy almond milk lattes, and $10 green juices. (Okay, well maybe not the last one.)

We are in full support of treating yoself, but what’s a Galore Girl to do when this leads to being broke the week before payday, while trying to stick to our healthy eating resolutions?

Byeeee Ramen, here are some better answers.

Fruit Men

If you live in NYC the fruit vendors on every other corner are one of the v. best life hacks. If you don’t know where to get $1 avocados, are you even a real New Yorker? Once you’ve stocked up on avocado, check out pints of berries, pineapples, lemons, and bananas, all for about 1/2 the price you would pay in the store. Plus if your fruit man is anything like mine, he’ll memorize your order (papaya, strawberries, three avocados), have it ready by the time you walk up, and call you beautiful.  Even if he’s just trying to make a sale, can you really ask for more? #FruitDaddy

If you live in a more rural area, check local farmers markets, discount stores, and even gas stations for produce on the super cheap.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter makes everything better. You can buy a 14-serving jar at most grocery stores for under $3, and a quick, yum, and easy breakfast for under a dollar can be made by spreading a couple tablespoons on a banana. It’s probably one of the cheapest forms of clean calories out there. 

DIY Lattes

Three to four dollars a day on lattes? No way, Jose, not this week.

Make your own at home. It’s super easy! Just heat a cup of milk in the microwave, make an espresso or two, and blend in your blender. If you want to make it extra yum, add a tablespoon of that coconut oil you have lying around for creaminess to make a “bulletproof” coffee.

Coconut Oil

Running low on beauty products? TBH you can swap this magical oil for just about anything. Lotion, cooking oil, moisturizer, hair masques, butter, make up remover, lube. Go wild. You might not even want to switch back to your reg products. 

Frozen Vegetables

They are SO much cheaper than non-frozen. $1.50 will get you a six-person serving of spinach at Whole Foods. Throw that in a smoothie with a banana, and suddenly you have fruits and veggies with an ice cream-like consistency.

Plus, studies show that frozen veggies are actually healthier than fresh ones. Since they are frozen at their freshest, they won’t wilt and lose nutritional value during transport. 


Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Sometimes the fruit and peanut butter diet gets old, and we just need some lobster and champagne. We get it.  Fight against the wage gap inequality one free dinner at a time, and maybe even get a love interest in the process. You can always lie about where (and why) you met.

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