Highlights of Paris Couture Fashion Week

We are reaching the end of the Paris Couture fashion week, and after watching the creations of Lagerfield, Gaultier and Vauthier prance down the runway on the wafer thin bodies of the fashion model elite, we can’t help but notice a few trends starting for the coming year. From the runways of the city of lights and love, here are a few trends to expect this fall.

Dracula Chic
Perhaps a bit late in the game considering the ebbing popularity of the vampire genre, Gaultier brings back the trend with red vinyl, taffeta veils and baroque patterned gowns. This is a trend that has us out for blood- or at least the blood red lipstick used on the models.

Baroque excess meets clean modernity
From none other than the paradigm of effortless style, the house of Chanel brings us a line of minimalist white, accented with golden crests and hoop skirted gowns. Bringing the elegance of royalty into gritty leather clad world of now is no easy feat but Karl seems to manage it quite well.

A trend showing on every runway from Versace to Vionnet. Ruched bodices and boned corsets echo the structure of a bugs body. The return of the wasp waist is obvious in the slim lines of Chanel’s turtleneck tops. Any excuse to flaunt the female figure at its finest.
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.54.59 PM

Sparkling Valentines
Hearts, glitter and pink! Over on the runways of Margiela and Armani we are seeing stitched heart accents and and graphic bodices screeching the words “I love you!”. Well, we can’t say that we don’t love it too Mr. Margiela.
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.55.19 PM

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