[EXCLUSIVE] Punk Band The Pink Slips’ Angst-Filled Travel Diary

Originally a fun project with a friend, singing covers with acoustic guitars, the Pink Slips has evolved into a full fledged punk band who is bringing back the 90s grunge scene one performance at a time.

Band front-woman Grace McKagan, daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and model Susan Holmes-McKagan, shared her travel diary with Galore from her tour stop in Seattle. From fake blood to mosh pits, check out the band’s personal photographs below.

Grace McKagan and The Pink Slips - Galore Mag

What makes a punk rocker? 

I think a punk rocker is somebody who is completely authentic in their performance and the way they dress—how they choose to express themselves. A punk rocker is not necessarily someone who is involved with exclusively punk music. It’s someone who exudes confidence as well as mystique, and doesn’t give a fuck where somebody is from or who they know or what they do. They just want to deliver and perform for that hungry audience. 

Were you guys detention kids? 

Haha. I was not much of a detention kid. I got detention a few times for my uniform skirt being too short, which is so lame. 

Favorite bad girl icons? 

Penny Lane from Almost Famous, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Grace Kelly, Charlie’s Angels, Debbie Harry, Amy Winehouse! 

Who are your Seattle grunge icons? 

The Fartz and Edward P. Huletz 

Where do the cool kids of Seattle go? 

Will Tipping’s house. 

Favorite burger spot in Seattle? 

Kidd Valley! Vanilla milkshakes are the shit. 

Where is the best vintage in Seattle? 

Red Light. 

What sets The Pink Slips’ show apart from any other? 

We have so much energy and so much to give to the audience. My goal for every show is to have every single person covered in sweat and blood at the end. I want people to feel like they are at a 1980s punk rock show, feeling very angry and very in love and young. 

What are your thoughts on Nirvana and other Seattle-based legends that have come before you? 

Nirvana is one of my favorite bands of all time, so I love living in a city that was home to a whole movement as iconic and different as the 90s grunge scene. 

Best make out spots? 

My dock at night listening to The Rolling Stones, or dancing at a house party to Musique Vol. 1 Daft Punk. 

Does it really always rain? 

Haha. Kind of. It sprinkles almost every day. When it is sunny out, it is so beautiful and green though. 

If you could collab with any musician, who would it be and why? 

I would want to work with Charli XCX because “Sucker” has become one of my favorite albums of all time. I love how she perfectly blends catchy girly pop with old English gritty, dirty punk sounds. I saw her perform in Seattle, and I was blown away. She holds such a vigor on stage. She really holds her own, and it was so inspiring. She has this attitude that exudes femininity, confidence, and grit.  

What is next for The Pink Slips? 

New music releases for 2016 😉 

Grace McKagan and The Pink Slips - Galore Mag

Photos by the Pink Slips

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