Hayley Hasselhoff: On How She’s Diversifying Her Diverse Talents

Daughter of our beloved actor David Hasselhoff, Hayley Hasselhoff, is on her own road to success, establishing herself as an all round creative who’s helping transform the face of fashion, music & acting. check out her interview with us below!


Photography by Andres de Lara

How would you describe what you do?
I paint an art piece in many different ways. Whether it be in front of a camera for a brand/buyer or for telling someone’s story. The beauty of this work, like writing song lyrics, is that it can be interpreted in many different ways to allow it to personally connect with different audiences. I continuously work to create and strengthen my craft, from the work behind the scenes to days on-set or in-studio. I’m blessed to have found what makes me full at such a very young age.

How important do you think it is for publications to promote more diverse body shapes?
I think it’s very important in both publications and public figures in general. Modern teens are highly influenced by who they look up to and how they are perceived in any form of media.

Do you think things have improved?
Things have improved greatly. Endorsement deals have opened the doors for all types of women or men in the industry to represent a brand or company, giving a different outlook on the definition of beauty. Australian Cosmo has broken the barriers for highly respected fashion magazines by using plus size models in their editorials without labeling them as such. Highly respected designer John Paul Gaultier as well as up-and-coming designer Zana Bayne are just two straight-size designers that have featured plus size models on their catwalks, generating buzz in respected online publications around the world.

What do you think can be done to diversify the types of women in fashion and media, etc.?
Exactly what is being done now. The right steps are being made at the moment—it’s just going to take some time. The media most importantly needs to continue to promote equality in every form. The plus size movement in the fashion industry is a huge example of how the industry’s diversity is growing.


What have been some of your career highlights?
I was one of the leads on a series called Huge on ABC family in 2010. It was a dream come true because playing the role of Amber touched my heart so deeply. I had continued on after Huge to act in a guest star role on Disney XD’S Pair of Kings. In the beginning of this year I also shot a musical comedy called Fearless. In the past year I have been re-introduced to the plus size modeling market, giving me the opportunity not only to model but be a voice in the body activist world. I have headlined runway shows such as British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, Pulp Paris Fashion Week, and Sheego/Anna Sholz for Sheego in Berlin Fashion Week. This past summer I was also the face of UK clothing brand “Yours Clothing”.

Does having a famous dad put any particular pressure on you?
Definitely not. It has allowed me to see someone’s passion and love for their craft at a very young age. Having a famous father has only given me a beautiful introduction to the ups and downs of the industry through someone else’s journey, a journey that I will forever admire and respect.

What are five of your favorite hobbies?
When I’m not working toward a fashion booking, my favorite pastimes include:

Acting – I am continuously working to strengthen my knowledge about myself and craft.

Music – This includes songwriting, singing, and production.

Keeping current with the fashion industry – I like to view designs, sharpen my brand recognition, and study popular styles from around the world.

Painting – I’ve been painting pop art since I was a kid. I use it as a form of relaxation and expression.

Spontaneity – I love to explore and learn about new towns, cultures, and experiences. I even got my scuba diving licenses on a whim to take my spontaneity to the next level!

What’s coming up next for you?
There are a lot of amazing deals on the table for 2015 that I’m very excited about, but unfortunately you will have to wait to hear about what they entail. One involves a television show currently in development while others involve more amazing acting opportunities and further involvement in the fashion industry. At the moment, the only thing I can talk about in more detail is my next runway show, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany in early October. It’s called “Plus Size Fashion Days” and will be featuring twelve different plus size designers.


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