ThunderVoice Hat Co. makes classic, artful hats and gives back to US native tribes

ThunderVoice Hat Co. hats are extremely artful – they carry that classic, western look, mixed with a modern and structural vibe. 

The hats can be worn on almost any occasion, and I think that’s what makes the brand so awesome. Started by a Navajo and Totonoc artist from Mexico, the brand is inspired by his native culture, he says. The artist believes strongly in working among cultures and the idea of “we,” but he still makes sure to include other native artists (of all industries) in all of his galleries, shows, and online platforms.

Check out our exclusive interview below with the man behind these brilliants hats!

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What is the motivation behind your brand and the art of what you do?

A lot of my motivation comes from my culture. I am Navajo and Totonoc (from Mexico). I represent both sides of the border. Throughout the years, my people have gone through significant changes due to the removal and assimilation process. Since that time, its been a battle to salvage parts of our culture.

My father and mother played a significant roll in passing on to us wilderness survival and awareness skills. With that, came many parts of the foundation of my culture. I grew up most of my life in Nature; living off the land and teaching youth. So, my fashion and art are the outcome of this way of life. I learned to lived between two worlds. This created a new, contemporary blend of the ancient and modern.

What does ThunderVoice Hat Co. provide to the community?

Around 80% of the income generated within the US tribes is through the arts. Painting, basketry, pottery, jewelry, and textiles.  For the past few years, I have started galleries, online platforms, and curated shows. Each time, I include the best artists in the native community.

I like to showcase what the new and old generations have to offer. It is beautiful. With the ZOHI Gallery experience, we had dances, spoken word, music performances, DJ’s, and even a fashion show including the top native fashion designers from 5 different regions.

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Why is it so important that this generation finds our own solutions to the things that need fixing?

Over the past few years, I’ve attended and engaged with movements including Oak Flats, Standing Rock, and Bear’s Ears. Emerging from the wilderness, I dove into the native community. I quickly found out how many tribes share the same story.

I realized that the most important aspect of awareness is creating and focusing on solutions, art had a way of reaching people with this message. To be able to work together no matter the color of your skin is what will truly make a difference.

What has working between cultures helped your team achieve?

Throughout my life, my parents accepted anyone of any culture. We loved and shared with them as if they were family. This helped me experience the basic truth of working together as “we.”

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