Harry Charlesworth Is a New Kind of Club Kid

Harry Charlesworth is a misunderstood kid from New Jersey who was “an extra shade of fabulous from everyone around them,” he says. That is, until he moved to New York.

The nightlife scene appealed to him as soon as he hit his first club at 16, and from there he got an internship working in magazine’s fashion closet, before moving to London for a bit. It was there that nightlife became an outlet for his creativity.

“I returned to the city with new gusto,” Harry says. “Besides devising outfits for myself and hosting parties with my friends, I spend my time writing and styling for fashion magazines and plotting to take over the world.”

Get to know Harry through our chat and some beautiful photos of him, shot by Amber Asaly, below.


If you could live in any era of music, which would you choose?

The 70s for sure. Disco, ruffles, and big hair please!

Where did you learn to put on makeup? What’s your look going to be this summer?

I learned from my nightlife sisters. We get ready all together, and I always try to take notes whenever I’m in front of a mirror with them. It’s taken a lot of trial, error, and makeup wipes, but anyone can learn how to paint a good beat through repetition and consistency, I’m still getting there. This summer I’m trying to go for a Shakespeare-walks-into-Hot Topic type of glam.


What’s a movie you consider really scary?

“American Beauty.” My greatest fear is leading a hollow life… and fuccbois with cameras.

What makes for a good party? A bad party?

The most important ingredient to any party is the DJ. They are like the conductors of an orchestra,  it’s up to them to get you swirling to the beat and to keep the party alive. I’ll only try a new party out if I see a DJ I love on the flyer. Big thank you especially to Michael Magnan, Honey Dijon, Chapman, and Aharaw especially for keeping New Yorkers feet stomping. The biggest threat to killing my vibe are people with negative energy and bad attitudes. The dance floor is a space of love and self expression, so if you’re not ready to bring your heart on your sleeve and your privilege checked at the door, you should stay home.


Who’s your best friend?

My best friend is my boyfriend Sussi! He puts life in HD — he’s my rock, collaborator, and all around favorite person. Every day is a party with him, even when we just order in steaks and watch Housewives. 

What’s the last amazing item of clothing you bought?

I found a label-less top from Squaresville in LA, navy blue silk, with exposed lavender boning, swathed in baby pink pearls. I wore it to host Ladyfag’s 11:11 on my birthday, and I couldn’t have felt more fabulous.


If you had to live on another planet, which would it be?

Uranus. Don’t you know my ass is famous?!

Photos by Amber Asaly

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