Happy Birthday Courtney: Why she is a Goth Princess’ Dream Girl

Happy 50th birthday to a rock and roll icon who doesn’t look a day older than when she fronted the 90’s grunge band Hole! The blonde badass is in fact a goth-grunge fashion inspiration and we simply can’t get enough of her filthy mouth and vamp princess sense of style. In honor of this babe’s birthday, here are a few of our favorite Courtney Love looks.

The long, grubby black kimono, the kiss of death lipstick, the dingy bathroom. This lady embodied everything about the 90’s grunge movement.

A jeweled, sheer silk dress that was about two steps away from being considered elegant… until we saw the mile of cleavage and flesh exposed at the sternum. Thank you very much Miss Love.


A young Courtney proves that she has always been a fashion leader in a Lolita-esque garland, flimsy crop top and batique print shawl. Young, simple and sexy.

We love everything about this look, from the femme fatale cigarette, to the tiny, showman’s cap. The fitted blazer, velvet skirt and multiple jewels shows an effortless connection to her own sense of style. The entire ensemble is unpretentious and genuine.

This vintage looking oxblood gown, sans bra is any gothic princess’ dream dress!

From the schoolgirl butterfly collared frock to the tiny tiara, Courtney looks like a gothic Lolita and we love her for it. Happy birthday BAE!

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