A Guide to Young Hollywood’s Obsession With Random Ear Piercings

Miley Cyrus knows what’s good. Recently, she got two piercings: one on her nose and another on her ear.

Although Cyrus has had her fair share of taking out her old piercings and putting them back again (e.g. her belly button, which she re-pierced it herself, and her nose), the piercing on her upper ear is brand new.

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And wouldn’t you know it, there’s currently a random ear-piercing craze taking young Hollywood by storm.

But if you’re not familiar with non-traditional piercings, that thing on her ear is called “the industrial.” Piercing names may sound scarily complicated, but don’t fret!

Like Miley, I’ve got two piercings on the inner part of my right ear. Given that they are not standard-issue piercings, I’m proud to have had them for two years. If you are looking to get a piercing around your ears that is not on your lobe, let me show your the way!

1. Tragus

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Look to none other than the queen of piercings, Zoe Kravitz. She’s got a whole lotta piercings, but the one piercing that stands out is her tragus. The tragus is a triangular-shaped cartilage (i.e. soft bone) that faces outside your ear. This piercing is easily wearable for a subtle look as it can match with all your outfits.

However, it is best to consult with a piercer about this as every tragus comes in different shapes and sizes. If you cannot be bothered to actually get it pierced, get a cute clip faux piercing on Etsy!

2. Helix

just in case you forgot

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When I was a junior in high school in 2011, at least 25% of the girls in my school had one. It was the hottest piercing du jour. Your girl Kylie was able to bring them back to life when she spelled out her name.

The helix is a soft bony tissue that formed the outermost curve on your ear. As bad and bougee as they look, helix piercings are one of the most notoriously difficult ones to take care of as it gets easily irritated. Regardless, you should still get them as they are one of the most universally flattering piercings.

3. Inner Helix

Located opposite your helix, the inner helix is a cartilage that’s very close to your face. For those who are unable to get a tragus piercing (myself included), this piercing is perfect for you. Small, chic and edgy, the inner helix piercing is there to spice up any look. Piercing-wise, it’s a level above a normal ear piercing as you have to lie down. For aftercare, it’s super easy because you don’t have to deal with a lotta friction in that spot.

4. Rook

How crazy sexy cool is that?! The piercing that Chantel Jeffries is rocking right now is a rook piercing. As one of the inner cartilage ear piercings, the rook is more badass and it ain’t no rookie. Smaller than an industrial, the rook piercing is is worn either with a hoop or a barbell.

5. Daith

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Refinery 29 called this piercing as L.A.’s most “surprising” beauty trend. Located between the tragus and your forward helix, the daith is that cute little Y-shaped bridge-like cartilage that’s easily pierced. Given that it’s away from your hair, you can easily rock it as easy as 1-2-3!

6. Industrial


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Like Miley, Willow also knows what’s good. The industrial is basically both a helix and a forward helix piercing that’s united by a barbell. While it looks edgy, it’s one of the hardest to take care of as you have to keep your fingers, hands and hair away from that area. Not to mention, although this look is NOT for the shy, it’s versatile. You can go straight on punk a la Willow or be a hippie like Miley.

7. Conch

Aren’t conch piercings the cutest little treasures? Like a shell, the conch of your ear is curved and it’s above the lobe. Conch piercings can either be worn with a stud or a hoop. It might seem like an usual look, but if you wanna do it, go for it! No outfit can ever be so fire without one.

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