Your Guide to New Christmas Tunes That Aren’t Boring AF

You’ve probably been hearing all the Christmas classics as you wander around the mall looking for a radical gift for your BFF, but let’s face it — sometimes hearing your parents’ The Carpenters Christmas album can be boring AF, and as much as we all appreciate (and know every word of) Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas,” a girl can only handle so much.

These new Christmas tracks from some pretty cool chicks will be sure to get you in the spirit, but keep you from losing your mind…

L.E.J. – “Game of Bells”

Besides being a cool new version of the classic, “Carol of the Bells,” this video is a pretty sick rendition of the mannequin challenge that’s been going on — but inside a Christmas party! And bigger bonus, the tune is based on the “Game of Thrones” theme. Check the video below, and download their Holiday EP, Christmas Hors D’oeuvre.

The Regrettes – “Marshmallow World”

The Regrettes’ cover of Bing Crosby’s “Marshmallow World” will give you similar swinging vibes as the classic, “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree,” except it’s way cooler. This one has both rockin’ guitar, and jammin’ sax that’ll have you dancin’ around that tree spillin’ your hot cocoa in no time.

Leah Nobel – “Christmas in My Mind”

Feel less alone, slow it down and get sentimental with Leah Nobel’s “Christmas in My Mind,” which echoes the sentiment of “Everything is going to be fine” —  something that we all need to try and convince ourselves as we bid adieu to 2016. Leah’s upcoming EP, “Running in Borrowed Shoes”, due out in 2017 — is a group of songs based on a hundred interviews with people of a wide array of background and personalities, and will likely be as reflective and personal as this Christmas tune.

Whissell – “All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue”

If torch songs are more your thing rather than shaking your tush while baking, then get “blue-sy” with Whissell’s “All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue.” This one is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it will remind you of basically anything (or anyone) in your life that you miss and wish you had with you under that tree.

Christmas Queens 2 – 30 Song Christmas Compilation Album

As a sequel to last years’ very successful “Christmas Queens” album, the queens from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” are back at it and have released a thirty song compilation album. This one’s bound to have you giggling and probably not missing any of those other lame Christmas standards you’ve heard too many times. So get into that holiday spirit and check out Alaska Thunderfuck’s “Chr!$Tm@$ $Ux” and bring on the Christmas LOLs!


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