Guest DJ: Alyson Stoner’s “Woman Power” Playlist

If you love Hip-Hop, you know Alyson Stoner.

If the name doesn’t strike a chord, you ought to turn back the dial and watch Missy Elliot’s iconic videos for “Work It,” “Gossip Folks,” and “Really Hot,” for which Stoner starred as the little pig-tailed dancer.

The twenty-two year old is still at it, working as a triple threat in the realms of dance, acting, and singing. After she released her music video for “Woman,” we wanted Stoner to tell us which female musicians make her feel empowered in her art. 

About the “Woman Power” playlist she curated exclusively for Galore, Stoner says:

“I choose to walk in the direction of a future in which I can someday strip myself of labels –gender, race, sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, and the like and be embraced and acknowledged for who I truly am—my soul and humanity. I choose to treat others as equals, hoping this recognition of how fundamentally connected and similar we are in our human experience humbly leads us to compassion, reconciliation, and mutual respect, versus exclusion, degradation, violence, and worse.”

Listen to Alyson Stoner’s exclusive Galore playlist, below.

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