Green Day Releases New Single ‘Bang Bang’

Get excited because today marks the day that Green Day returns to us with another delicious angst-ridden punk rock single!

Green Day are no strangers to making a statement about politics and the issues plaguing our modern-day society, and their single “Bang Bang,” is no exception to that rule. Inspired by recent events, “Bang Bang,” comes to us at a much needed time, as we’ve truly missed the band’s fearless “call it like it is” lyrics and power-driven melodic chords.

If you’ve listened to any of Green Day’s music, you’ll know that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong never disappoints when it comes to poetic and timely lyrics. “Bang Bang” features lyrics such as, “I want to be a celebrity martyr, The leading man in my own private drama” and “Daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier.” Check out the pretty radical lyric video for Bang Bang here:

The trio has been called the last of the “modern punk rock” movement and it goes without saying that both old and new Green Day fans will welcome them with open arms. Get an instant download of the single for free today by pre-ordering their brand new studio album, Revolution Radio, releasing on October 7th on the band’s website.

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