Gov Ball’s Founders Are Throwing a Newer, Better Festival to Make Up For Canceling Kanye

Governors Ball was canceled this year due to weather complications, and it was really sad for all of us (I’m one of the Kanye-loving suckers who ended up waiting around for his 2 A.M. makeup show that never happened, outside NYC’s Webster Hall). But now, the founders of Gov Ball have figured out a way to make it up to us—with an entirely new, bigger, better music festival! Yippee!

The new festival is called The Meadows, and wit ill take place in Queens, New York during the first weekend of October. An upside of this festival is that it’s $230 for two days for a lot of good acts, as opposed to Gov. Ball’s $350 tickets for everyone who pretty much only wanted to see Kanye.

And, with Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd on the bill, you can bet Kanye will be performing his latest album, TLOP, in full force.

See the full line-up below, and purchase tickets here.


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