Brazilian powerhouse Gessica Kayane better known as Gkay does it all! From acting, comedy, entrepreneurship and now fashion. You may know her from Portuguese romantic comedy “Christmas Full of Grace” or “Carnaval”, both available on Netflix.

As Gkay steps into a new era of fashion and beauty, we got the chance to chat with this multitalented goddess about her culture, her love for fashion and what we can expect from her this year. Keep reading to get to know her a little better!


How did you find a career in media and fashion? 

Growing up, my passion for fashion and media was evident, even though my family had a modest lifestyle with the primary focus on meeting our basic needs.  

Without internet access in the early 90s, I immersed myself in the world of fashion and lifestyle by spending hours at newsstands, flipping through magazines.  

While initially pursuing a career in acting, a significant turning point occurred last year when I received an incredible invitation to attend Haute Couture week. Since then, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn into the captivating realm of fashion. It’s as if fashion discovered me – a delightful twist in my professional journey.  

Who is your fashion icon and inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from several figures in the fashion world- Schiaparelli, Jean Paul Gautier, Stephan Rolland and Iris Van Herpen. 

Dress and earrings by Cho Cheng

You are one of the highest-ranking influencers for Haute Couture. How is your creativity disrupting PFW? 
I consider myself fortunate to have an amazing and supportive audience that provides me with tremendous visibility. Additionally, I have an exceptional team that I can comfortably collaborate with to brainstorm and create compelling content. Their impressive work consistently surprises me each season!  

What designer are you always so excited to see during fashion week? 

I have several favorites including: Schiaparelli, Viktor and Rolf, Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Chanel, that always leave me eagerly anticipating their showcase each season.  

Couture Dress by Yanina Couture, jewelries own by GKAY

What is your fashion philosophy? 
To be comfortable in your own skin.  
Tell us about the carnival experience and how has your Brazilian culture played into your success? 
In Brazil, we have a saying that the year truly begins after the carnival, and it holds true. The lead-up to the carnival is a time when everyone invests so much energy into their outfits and physical preparations.  

It’s a festive period where Brazilians come together after the holiday break, creating a unique and special atmosphere. This year, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Sapucaí in Rio de Janeiro with a brand I had always dreamed of working with.  

Our culture is known for its joyfulness, evident in the streets where everyone is happy and willing to help. This cultural trait has greatly assisted me in breaking into the international market. My spontaneity has opened many doors, and I attribute a part of my success to the positive and vibrant Brazilian spirit!  

Dress by Saiid Kobeisy , jewelleries and heels own by GKAY

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

Never give up. Work hard, and remember, luck always seems to find me when I’m putting in the effort. 
What is your beauty regime? 
It’s quite an extensive routine! I start my day early around 6 am, drink plenty of water, wash my face, and apply my beauty products.  

After that, I hit the gym, and upon returning, I enjoy a nutritious breakfast to kickstart a productive day.  

In the evening, I make sure to remove my makeup, follow up with my nighttime beauty routine, and aim to get a good night’s sleep – especially when I don’t have any evening projects or shoots. 

Couture Dress by Yanina Couture, heels by Saint Laurent, jewelries own by GKAY

What is your favorite beauty product right now?  
I have many favorites, but I’m currently obsessed with a new brand I discovered – Isamaya Beauty.  
Lipstick or Lip gloss?  
Lip gloss! 
What is one thing no Latina should ever be without?   
A passion for life and a positive attitude. 

Couture dress by Stephane Rolland , jewelries own by GKAY

Where is your favorite getaway spot in Brazil?  
North East of Brazil where I come from and I’m so proud of it. 
What song is currently on repeat for you? 
Anything from Beyonce’s new album!   
Tell us about your new moment with Netflix. What plans do you have for acting next?  
Exciting news is on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share more details soon! Stay tuned for some upcoming announcements.  

Dress and earrings by Cho Cheng

You have one of the most iconic parties in Brazil. Tell us about this and how did this come about? 
It all began as a birthday celebration that gradually grew into something much bigger. I personally curate the talents, which often include close friends and family who sing or play instruments.  

The planning process starts months in advance, and it’s incredibly rewarding to witness the excitement build up among friends year after year. This year, we have something exceptionally exciting in store, and I hope Galore will be there to join us!  

How do we get an invite for the next one? 
You are already invited! Of course!! 

Dress by Peng Tai, jewelries own by GKAY

What advice do you give to your fans? 

I maintain an open channel with my fans, reaching out as much as possible. While it can be challenging with 20 million followers, I’ve built close relationships with a few of those who have been with me since the beginning. My advice to everyone is to always stay positive and believe in yourself!  
What is next for you? 
Life has already surprised me with numerous blessings. I would be genuinely content to continue doing what I love and having the support of my wonderful fans!  

Couture dress by Georges Chakra , Earrings own by GKAY


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Interviewed By: James Lee

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