Girls Who Like Girls Will Love This Position

June is LGBT Pride month, therefore, I figured I’d give a hand in all the must try queer friendly positions there are (pun intended). So while I dove deep into the interwebs to try and find the best girl on girl position, I discovered that tribbing is a hot must. No, I didn’t spell tripping wrong, but apparently you are tripping if you aren’t trying this tribbing position!

Basically, tribbing is a cunning linguistic way of saying humping, plus it’s something to add to the list other than cunnilingus (see what i did there). What tribbing is, is vag on vag action. According to this study, that’s the only way to go, clitoral stimulation for the O. O standing for the BIG win. Now if you think this position looks familiar, it’s because it is otherwise known as… scissoring. If you remember when Piper and Alex scissored away in Orange is The New Black, you’ll remember they weren’t fans! Welp, they must be pretty good actors because according to Nerve, scissoring/tribbing/grinding is a thing and it’s where it’s at!

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