This Girl’s ‘Coming to America’ Dress Just Won Prom 2016

While we’ve said in the past that getting worked up about prom is overrated, nobody can deny that Jawana Young, of Benton Harbor, Michigan killed it with her Coming to America-inspired dress.

What people don’t know is that her date is the designer behind her dress.

Jimelle Livon is an 18-year-old fashion designer who took to Instagram to show behind-the-scenes photos of the dress-making process, and then the couple shared a knockout photo (above) of the final product.

Coming to America is the classic Eddie Murphy movie from 1988; the film’s princess-in-training costume also served as inspiration for Beyonce’s Met Gala dress from last year.

Check out Jawana sporting Jimelle’s amazing creation below.

Here’s what the original dress looks like:


This is the back of Jawana’s version:


This headgear is no joke. Beautiful!


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