All 6 Outfits Gigi Hadid Wore to Host the MMVAs Last Night

Last night, one of our favorite contested, but not really contested, supermodels did something new.

Gigi Hadid hosted an award show in Toronto that we never knew existed until last night called the Much Music Video Awards, otherwise known as the MMVAs to all the cool Canadians in the know.

To celebrate, Gigi wore not one, not two, but six different outfits, ranging from a practical pantsuit to something that practically screams, “Did you time travel back to the early 2000s and rip that off of Christina Aguilera’s body?” (which is a compliment).

To start off the night she wore a sensible red pantsuit that matched the red carpet:

Thank you. #mmvas

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Which she thoughtfully accessorized with a very Kim Kardashian diamond choker necklace, a casual braid, and a box of Lucky Charms.

#GigiHadid posted on snapchat (itsgigihadid).

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Then to kick off the show, Gigi changed into an outfit she definitely time traveled back to the early 2000s to steal off of Christina Aguilera’s body:

#GigiHadid and #LucyHale on stage at the #MMVAs.

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Followed by a gold and white skirted pantsuit:


A three piece suede ensemble that’s very Monica Rose:

#GigiHadid on stage at the #MMVAs.

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An LBD that was nearly identical to the one Hailey Baldwin showed up in:  

#GigiHadid and #HaileyBaldwin on stage at the #MMVAs.

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And made Gigi’s ass look so delicious that Hailey couldn’t resist getting down on her knees and taking a bite of backstage:

#GigiHadid and #HaileyBaldwin backstage at the #MMVAs!

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And last but not least, Gigi ended the night in a dazzling disco minidress paired with shoes that aren’t exactly Yeezy stripper shoes, but do rock that clear lucite heel that we’ve all been thirsting over.


And just in case you were wondering, yes, Drake did win a lot of awards, but no, neither Champagne Papi or the notorious Justin Biebs were there to see the action go down.

Okay, MMVAs, we see you now.

Maybe next year we’ll actually watch you.

Thanks for raising awareness, Gigi.

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