What is your fascination with old Hollywood glamour
i love that it is classic and timeless. you can dress retro and be very stylish for any occasion. i can turn a simple black cocktail dress into something so much more by just putting on a broach and red lipstick and throwing some victory rolls into my hair. Just those little touches will make me stand out.

Favorite Marilyn Monroe movie
Gentlemen prefer blondes. She says the most hilarious things! “don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help? she does some really great singing numbers as well… diamonds are a girls best friend.

Carey Grant or George Clooney
If I had to choose between the 2, i would take Mr. Grant any day but I’m more of a Marlon Brando kinda girl. I love the bad boys. Bad boys always keep me entertained.



any tips for women on how to get the perfect hourglass figure
Corset training helps a lot but you have to be pretty dedicated to doing it. I’m not really much for working out and having your man tie you up and untie you in your corset is much sexier than sweating in some gym. Wearing a high waist pencil skirt with a tucked in blouse or belting your waist with the things that you wear will also accentuate your hourglass figure.

most women in the world today will do anything to be a size 0, how do you embrace your curves?
I’m marrying a rapper so that helps! but seriously, as ive gotten older, i stopped giving a f*** about what others think of me. i realize that all bodies are beautiful and being a size 0 was never in the cards for me. I still struggle some days with the thought that my tummy could be a little toner, but i get over it quickly by looking at how amazing my boobs are! i try to focus on the positive and not let the little things bring me down.




what do you love the most about living in Hollywood
well right now the weather. its kind of insane that its 75 degrees every day while the east coast is in the negatives.  love that there are so many great flea markets and vintage stores. it helps with my obsession for vintage. and being able to drive 10 minutes and go for a hike at the Griffith Observatory or other great trails. its very laid back here. I grew up in LA so this is home for me.

favorite 50′s song of all time
Its kind of cheesy but The Flamingos version of “I Only Have Eyes for You.” Its a beautiful song. Very romantic.




who are you idols
Dita Von Teese sticks out the most in my mind. She embodies everything I love about old hollywood glamour. Shes beautiful and sophisticated but with a fetish naughty side. That woman has some amazing taste. And she’s really accomplished so much. She sells out shows, has books, a clothing line, lingerie line, makeup line, and perfumes. Dita has really been my biggest inspiration to try and achieve my dreams these past few years. Robyn Lawley is also a big inspiration. I think she is doing great things for women that aren’t a size 0 in the modeling industry. She just shot a campaign for Ralph Lauren. How amazing is that!
Would you say you are the Jayne Mansfield of our time as Dita Von Teese is the Bettie Page?
Umm…. thank you! Love that you compare me to her! She was the ultimate bombshell. Maybe I am  the new Jaynebut I really want to be considered an icon by the gay community hehe. Like Marilyn, Barbara, Cher or Liza! I want my picture hung up in every home in West Hollywood.




Photography By Elllen Von Unwerth

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