How to Get Your Inspiration Back After Dealing With a F*ckboy

Welcome to Brokenhearted Babe, Galore’s love advice column helmed by Lexi Ioannou. An influencer and soon-to-be author of her own book, also called “Brokenhearted Babe,” Lexi is answering your toughest and most awkward questions about love, sex, and dating. Send your Qs to This week’s quandary: how to get inspired after a breakup.

How do I get inspired after a bad breakup?

A bad breakup can be physically and emotionally debilitating. It’s so easy to get caught in the never-ending cycle of staying in and taking a gallon of ice cream to the face every night. You’re allowed to be sad and mourn the loss of your relationship. But this shouldn’t go on for more than two weeks MAX. Then it’s officially time to kick your ass in gear and get your shit together. There is no better way to excite yourself about what the future holds than to get yourself inspired. 

I believe inspiration goes hand in hand with manifestation. The best way to get inspired AND manifest the shit out of your future is to create a vision board.

There are two ways you can go about this. You can create a duel vision board filled with your career and relationship oriented goals, or if you want to get hardcore with it you can make two separate ones.

The best way to get started on your vision board is to go out and buy all of your favorite magazines and just flip through them, cutting out anything and everything that you’re attracted to. Whether it be mostly photos or words doesn’t matter, this is your board you are in charge of your own damn fate. Put on your favorite playlist and pop open a bottle of rosé and get to manifesting! 

Vision boards are no effing joke. So take what you put on there seriously and be as specific as possible. Don’t be afraid to get materialistic with it, you’re allowed to put things like your ultimate dream car and home. Just make sure to incorporate all of the mantras and things you’ll also need to be emotionally stable in the future, dream car or not.

Vision boards are a consistent reminder of your desires and dreams. The key is to keep your board(s) in an area that you find yourself in. Whether it be your bedroom or work space, you just have to make sure you’re glancing at it a few times a day. Eventually you won’t even notice it’s there and thats when your subconscious will do all of the work. By doing this your both consciously and subconsciously instilling in your mind the goals you’re working towards and what you ultimately deserve.

Your vibes are stronger than you think babe, before you know it you’ll be pulling up in your dream car next to your hot ass husband all while having the career of your dreams. Get ready, your future is going to kick ass! 

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