Georgia May Jagger designed a line for sophisticated skater girls

Georgia May Jagger is impossibly chic, with a vibe that practically screams, “I was born to be a high fashion model.”

And as the daughter of Mick Jagger and legendary 70s babe Jerry Hall, she definitely was.

Now Georgia’s lending her glamour to Volcom.

In June she designed her first line for the brand, and this month she’s designed 16 pieces for the brand’s more elevated line, Stone Row.

Featuring a robin’s egg blue fur coat and a sheer hoodie that’s perfect for the girl who wants to look edgy without actually freeing the nip, the clothes all feel very now, without being so trendy you wouldn’t be able to wear them next year. And that’s a deliberate choice on Georgia’s part. She tries not to follow trends, so she didn’t want her clothes to follow trends either.

Keep reading for our Q&A with GMJ.

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Besides the fact that it’s for the brand’s elevated label, what’s different about this collection?
The collection uses elevated fabrications and silhouettes to effortlessly take you from day to night. The Stone Row girl is a bit older than the Volcom girl so it’s a bit more sophisticated as well. There is a really great track suit, an amazing blue faux fur coat and a sheer hoodie that I am obsessed with.

When you’re coming up with designs, do you try and choose things that are timeless or that are in step with the current trends?
I try to create things that I want to wear or that I wish I had in my wardrobe.

Are there any current trends you’re not a fan of?
I try not to follow trends in general. I like to wear and design pieces that I like and that suit my lifestyle so I try not to focus on specific trends too much!

What’s one article of clothing you could never give away, even if it became tragically out of fashion?
I have some of my mum’s vintage pieces, in particular a Thierry Mugler dress which I love and I think I will always wear it even if it’s really out of fashion!

Do you have any rules when you’re getting dressed to go out?
It really depends what I am doing and where I am going but it usually involves a bath, music, a few friends but sometimes I enjoy the getting ready bit as much as the going out.

Do you believe in asking a friend’s advice about an outfit, or do you think if you have to ask, then you already know?
I will always ask for thoughts if I’m not sure about something in particular but I usually know and decide quite quickly myself if something works for me or not. My general rule is if it feels a bit weird it probably looks a bit weird…

Check out GMJ’s designs at Volcom.

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