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Maya Vik is sharing her newest release, Hustlebot (Initial Talk Remix)” todayThis is the third track she’s sharing from upcoming LP, Hustlebot, due out June 7th, her first album since 2015. The single is a remix of the title track, made by the 80s and 90s-loving producer Initial Talk (Japan), known for his very tasteful remixes of Dua LipaKylie Minogue, and more.

Maya says, about the song, “Hustlebot is a song that was written a few years ago. It’s a pretty funny concept where my good friend Morgan Phalen, who helped write the song, commented that I was very good at hustling for myself. This became the song Hustlebot where I describe myself as a hustling robot. As an artist, I do a lot myself in terms of vocal production, songwriting, planning the visual aspects, and planning promo and activities around my releases. So in that sense, there is a lot of hustling, and sometimes you have to turn off the emotions because the product you are selling is yourself – hence a robot.

When the song was released, I felt it didn’t get enough focus and playtime, and when I connected with the legend Initial Talk over Instagram, he was very keen to do a remix of this song. The version is a delightful summer tune in the familiar Initial Talk style, which suits the cold hustling robot well.”

The track comes as a part of Vik’s newest LP, Hustlebot, that’s set to drop June 7th. It’s an album full of dance hits, positive lyrics, and a coolness that reminds listeners of Kylie Minogue or Janet Jackson. Hustlebot is an energizer album, a piece of work that makes working hard feel effortless because of its infectious beats. 


How did you come about working with Initial Talk and what do you want your fans to take away from this remix? 

My producer and I were looking for some additional production on a few songs for the LP, and we needed someone to mix the album. We both love Initial Talk’s work—his remixes and original songs are fantastic. So, I reached out to him on Instagram. Surprisingly, he responded quickly and was thrilled to hear from me. It turns out he’s been a fan of my previous albums. Collaborating was easy since we both appreciated each other’s work. We ended up working on some production for my songs, adding vocals to his tracks, and he created this remix along with another one set to drop later this summer. For me, connecting with artists and producers worldwide who are passionate about this genre is crucial. The community is vast, and finding those who genuinely love and support your work is invaluable. It doesn’t have to be thousands of people; a dedicated audience is all you need to thrive as an artist. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

How does the remix relate to the new LP, and how does this track differ from your original version?

The song was originally written a few years ago with my longtime collaborator and friend, Morgan Phalen. It didn’t get the attention it deserved back then, so we made a new album version. Initial Talk loved the track and wanted to put his spin on it. He has a distinct sound that I adore, and it all came together perfectly for this remix. It doesn’t differ too much from the rest of the album—we’re still in the same era, with the same influences running through it. This version is a delightful summer tune in the familiar Initial Talk style, which suits this cold hustling robot well.

Your new LP comes out in June, What was your experience like making this record compared to your last projects?

It’s been a while since I released a full project. Over the last five years, I’ve mostly put out singles, which was fun but also frustrating. Singles can easily get lost in playlists and have a short lifespan unless they become commercial hits. This time, I wanted to create a full project with visuals, vinyl, and the whole package. That’s one reason I started my solo career—to work on bigger projects that combine visuals and music. The LP tells a complete story, unlike singles, which are just individual chapters. I didn’t compromise on sound or songwriting. I aimed for a sound straight out of 1989, without trying to make it retro-modern. I didn’t want to shorten songs to fit the TikTok format; if a song needed a three-minute synth solo, I included it because it made the song better. This album is about making the music I genuinely want to make, not what I think others want me to make.
This has made the process much more fun. It also explains why it took so long to release another album—I needed to rediscover my joy in making music.

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