Galore Darlings: Remy Bennett & Emilie Richard-Froozan’s New Film Buttercup Bill

It’s always refreshens seeing women make films, especially two at the same time. Remy Bennett & Emilie Richard-Froozan have created their film Buttercup Bill, which everyone needs to be excited about. They chatted to us about how the film was created, the themes and what’s coming up for them next.


Tell us about the film, how did it come about?
Our first first collaboration was when we were 16 and we made a short film about teenagers having back alley abortions in Ireland. During our young adult experimentations with making little movies we bonded over our love for John waters and David lynch and became fast friends. from then on we continued making music videos and experimental shorts films together and then about 4 years ago decided to sit down and write a feature film script which ended up being Buttercup Bill.

What’s the story?
The story is an amalgamation of both our lives, experiences, and influences. For a good year and a half we locked ourselves in a room together and poured over old love letters and journals from our childhood. We exchanged novels, re watched our favorite films and made scrapbooks of photographs that influenced us- all while developing the story and world for our film…bit by bit.


What are they main themes?
The theme of the film is ‘amour fou’. Doomed love…mad love- in the vein of Les Enfants Terribles. The psychosexual love story centers around two childhood soul mates named Patrick and Pernilla who after being estranged for years reunite and rekindle old dark flames against the backdrop of a hazy southern dreamscape

Where can people see it?
Buttercup Bill is going to be premiering at the Marfa Film Festival outside in the middle of the dessert where James Dean filmed the movie Giant.

What’s coming up next?
We’re busy writing away on our next story, getting ready for our trip to Marfa ,and have just premiered our latest music video for Hurray For The Riff Raff.

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