Galore Darling: Phoebe Lettice’s Dope Clothing Line for Illustrated People

Most people may remember Phoebe Lettice from hit TV show Made in Chelsea, but those of you on this side of the pond may have no idea what I’m talking about SO let us introduce you to the creative extroadinaire Phoebe Lettice: photographer, artist and now fashion designer. She teamed up with Illustrated People to create her new dope line. Check out what she had to say below!

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Have you always been interested in designing clothes?
It’s always been something I wanted to do but never had the right opportunity so when this collaboration came about, I was really excited.


How did the collaboration with Illustrated come about?
I’ve always borrowed things off them for shoots so I’ve always had a nice relationship with them and I respect them and it was quite a natural thing to start working with them. They are such a small team. It’s a great place to be.

What were you main inspirations?
The ‘kawaii’ culture of Japan and Harijuku girls. I love anything Japanese and we imported a ton of stuff to start getting ideas, the scanned in things like plastic toys and candy wrappers until we got our final prints.

How would you describe the collection?
Fun, colourful, playful. Imagine a bipolar sort of style inspired by Harajuku girls who use fashion as a true form of self expression, I like how liberating that is!

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Where can we buy it?
Topshop and Illustrated People

You’re also a photographer, what’s been your favorite shoot?
The campaign shoot for this colleciton was my favourite as I had complete control and could realise my vision! One that I have assisted on would probably be the one for Vogue with Annie Lebowitz and Grace Coddington!

5 tips to picking boys in London?
Start by not looking for the and act completely uninterested and don’t make any effort! Pick outside drinking places in the sun, or a fun gig! Everyone’s in a better, sexier mood.

5 fave stores in London?
Liberty London
Portobello second hand shops

What’s coming up next?
My Youtube Fashion How To videos

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