Galore Darling: Model Hailee Lautenbach Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Last week we posted the sexy sporty editorial by Danielle Defoe of Hailee Lautenbach, this week we get to find out what the lovely model is up to.


Photography & interview by Danielle Defoe

Where are you from?
Oregon. Or, as I like to call it, Boregon.

How were you discovered?
Well it’s not a very exciting story but I guess I was discovered by my Mom, who did a little modeling back in her day. At the age of 12 told me I could make some money posing for pictures. This was after playing my many soccer games where I did nothing more than look on the ground for leaves and tripping over the ball. She was trying to get me involved in something that interested me and I was hooked.

What is your favorite part of living in LA?
The fast, fast pace. everything happens here. I live where magic is made, movies, models, music, awards…I love the random calls that I have a last minute casting to rush to…The crazy man in Pretty Woman” was right, “Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams.’

What are your favorite spots to dine and party at?
Wherever my friends sends the uber. Lol in LA I love anything on sunset plaza or 3rd, like joans, toast, or Lemonade. Or a good juice.

How do you stay fit? Any beauty secrets?
I love busy casting days, because I literally have zero time to eat haha. Thank god. I’m obsessed with socializing and who’s where, because it gets me to equinox everyday to work out. Pilates changes your body into a majestic thing.
As for beauty secrets…every make up artist I work with says I have “amazing skin” which I find so weird, because I never wash my face and I sleep in my make up. No pimples. So that’s the secret, ladies, take horrible care of your skin.

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
My celeb crushes are slowly dwindling as I meet them and am unimpressed haha, right now I’m crushing on the funny guys like Justin Long.

I know you just started taking acting classes, what would be your ideal role to play?
Anything Cameron Diaz-y. Circa 1999.

How would you describe your personality?
Quote from my friend: “spunky with a side of hood”. I’m the airhead friend that says stupid things and have people say things like “Remember when Hailee said…”

Any exciting summer plans?
I live where people vacation, my life is an endless vacation/family trip to Hawaii.

Top 5 Summer Playlist
Latch- Disclosure
Loyal- Chris Brown
Help Me Lose My Mind- Disclosure
Reload- Sebastian Ingrosso
Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Lion King

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