Galore Darling: DJ Siobhan Bell on Her New Cherryade Hair Brand

London based DJ Siobhan Bell and someone-you-should-follow-because-she’s-really-really dope has done what is desperately needed: a hair line of THE sickest colors CHERRYADE HAIR. We chatted about the the yearn for lavender & baby pink choices and how London specifically needs more choices for black women’s hair.


Seems like a logical step, I’m sure people recognize you by your hair djing?
Definitely. It’s important to have things in terms of style and image, that people can recognize you by and have an association with. I generally have an interest in nails and hair.

Do you have people coming up to you and being like, “omg where did you get you hair”?
Yeah, exactly. that’s how it all kind of started because people get asking me. I do this myself so there isn’t really anywhere you can go and buy this. As a black girl, I can’t really bleach my hair and change colors al the time so I figured out a solution myself. I did try and look online, bur I saw there was an easy market to set up.

Totally I was actually looking for that color that you have [Siobhan is wearing her own color Lavandish] It was impossible to find or discontinued. What was the process of doing it yourself?
It started off simple- got the dye and did myself. As I progressed more, I discovered more colors and how to knit etc.


So why the name Cherryade?
I have a brand already called Cherryade, which is a monthly club night in London. I wanted to make an umbrella and Cherryade’s a fun name and think it sounds cute!

Are you going to bring over to the States?
When I did go to NY, I felt like America definitely caters more to black women’s hair so there’s more of what I’m doing. Whereas over here in the UK I didn’t really see it, so seemed like the perfect oppruinity.

Any last words on Cherryade Hair?
I don’t how big it’s gonna go, but it’s organic & natural and I want to introduce colored braids too!


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