Galore Darling: Baked By Melissa Teaches Her Best Baking Tips

We’ve been having a foodie week here at Galore, so it’s definitely not going to end now. Cupcakes are of course our favorite and one of the leaders in the cupcake game, Baked by Melissa, gave us tips on how to make the perfect one.


Where did your love for cupcakes come from?
My love for cupcakes comes from my love for food paired with my love for arts and crafts. Baking is just like arts and crafts – AND you can eat your project!

Baked by Melissa was one of the first mini cupcake we have ever had how did you come up with that concept?
I could never come out of a bakery with just one cupcake. I always wanted to try all the flavors – and so I did! At Baked by Melissa you can try lots of flavors without that post-dessert guilt trip!

What is your favorite flavor cupcake?
I love them all. If I absolutely had to choose I would say Peanut Butter and Jelly (for now).

For us girls trying to watch our weight whats the calorie in one of the mini cupcakes?
Each one of our cupcakes is less than 50 calories! Our tie-dye cupcake is only 38 calories.

Did you ever own a easy bake oven?
Nope, never. Even at a very young age I enjoyed baking out of a full size oven. With the help of my parents, of course.

5 tips for the perfect cupcake:
1. Add at least one extra ingredient you love (before or after baking).
2. Make them for someone you love – it gives you more of a reason to make them perfect.
3. Follow the baking time and temp from the recipe you’re following.
4. Taste the batter.
5. Use a ziplock bag to pipe the icing on the cake for a professional look.

What is your next flavor?
You’ll have to wait and see but OMG I think you’ll love it.

Cupcakes or shopping?
Seriously? Cupcakes.

What has been your craziest request for a special cupcake?


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