Galore Darling: Alie Layus Lays Down Her Fashion & Music

Oh we love Alie Layus, she demonstrates how to be a boss- having DJ’d all over she brings the life, sass, and sexiness to any party she DJs at. So OBVS we’re super happy to be chatting to her about what’s going on in the life of Alie Layus.

Photography by Danny Mahoney

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Rewind a few years back. What was it like working with Playboy?
When I was asked to shoot for playboy I didn’t even need to think twice about it! I am a really open-minded and free spirited person, and I felt like it was a fun opportunity that not everybody gets, so why not? It actually really helped me to overcome certain insecurities, and become even more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

You have DJed at some pretty wild events. What’s the craziest thing you have witnessed at a party/event?
I played at the Playboy mansion for halloween a couple years ago, and I saw a lot of crazy things that night! I really had never been around anything like that before… naked girls everywhere, drunk and completely letting loose.

Does what happen in Vegas, really stay in Vegas?
It’s almost like people come out here and feel this pressure to live up to that classic Vegas experience that the city has such a famous reputation for– like a real life version of the “The Hangover” movie. People feel like if they go home from Vegas without an interesting story to tell, good or bad, they did something wrong. But with all the social media nowadays, nothing really stays in Vegas anymore!

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When you’re not behind your DJ equipment, where can someone find you?
I have a blog,, which focuses heavily on 80’s and 90’s vintage clothing as well as new clothing, lifestyle and music. So I spend a lot of my free time thrifting clothes, sewing, styling, doing photoshoots and working on my blog. I love to read– especially any books that have to do with astrology, the cosmos and the universe. I’m also a total foodie! I got really interested in nutrition and healthy eating at a very young age, and I spend a lot of my time trying out amazing restaurants and cooking and doing things that revolve around food.

Tell us the story behind one of your tattoos.
My left arm is really just a bunch of random crap I started getting when I was 17 and none of it has any significant meaning (haha). But my right arm has some more well thought out pieces, a lot of them which have to do with astrology or symbols that bring good fortune. I have this good-luck cat called a “Maneki-neko” on my right forearm, and
ever since I got it, I swear, I have been so fortunate when It comes to work and finances! I also have a heart that says “madly” in it on my right bicep, which I got the first time I fell madly in love with someone.

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What about fashion? What are you into and is that something you think of when you’re getting ready for a gig?
Fashion is a huge part of my life! I have some of my favorite brands that hook me up with amazing gear like O-Mighty and Motel Rocks, and I’m addicted to online shopping as well! I do have my favorite high-end designers that I love like Chanel, Chloe and Alexander Wang, mostly for accessories like bags, shoes and sunglasses. But my true passion is vintage, thrifted clothing because I feel like it has a quality, originality and a vibe to it that you just can’t find with new clothing. Right now I’m really into vintage denim, and I have been collecting a lot of vintage band and concert t-shirts. My style is really just a mixture of everything I mentioned all blended together, and then I’ll throw in some trendy shoes and jewelry to keep the whole look super fresh and edgy. I live for style, so I definitely put time and effort into being well put together whether I’m playing a big gig or just running to the grocery store to pick up dinner!

Are you working on anything new right now?
I’m always working on something new! I’m actually getting back in the studio right now to start working on releasing some new music. I’m also going to be putting out a couple new mixtapes this month. I am going to be touring all over the US for the rest of 2014 playing as many shows as I can handle. And I’m in the process of re-vamping my entire blog as well as my vintage shop on the blog, which will be carrying tons of new stuff really soon!

What’s the secret to getting a crowd pumped up?
It’s really just all about reading the crowd and figuring out what they want. I’m not very over-the-top as far as jumping around and physically exerting myself to get people excited… that just isn’t really my personality. I try to let the music and my mixing do the work and connect me to the crowd more than anything. I never really plan what I’m going to play ahead of time. I just start playing my set and I feel out the energy of the room and the vibe of the people and then I just play whatever seems to get them going the most.

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