We join Vanessa Hudgens, Zuri Marley, and more at Full Moon Fest, NY’s most sustainable music festival

This year marks the 8th birthday of Full Moon Fest, an annual music festival hosted by MATTE Projects, an NYC-based creative agency and entertainment company. 

But Full Moon Fest isn’t just any other music festival. You can rave guilt-free knowing that Full Moon Fest partnered with The Surfrider Foundation to donate $1 from every ticket sale to the effort to preserve our world’s oceans. You win, the ocean wins. Very cool. But wait, there’s more. Full Moon Fest also partnered with WeCycle to compost all of the festival’s waste on site, with a commitment to producing zero-waste.

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The massive party was held at The Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, which is known for both its epic indoor and outdoor spaces:

The huge venue was transformed into an urban jungle over the course of the festival, as you can see. The three stages were Jungle Ruins, The Solaar Stage and of course, the Full Moon Stage. Basically, there was no shortage of sound, and there were tons of artists and DJs (around 20, to be precise) which truly offered something for everyone. Some of the headliners included Rechulski, Jackmaster, Mira and others:



Photos: Mike Vitelli/BFA

Photo: Steve Ferdman/Getty Images

But of course, even though we come to a music festival for the music, we stay for the fashion. Music festivals in New York are really cool for that reason: festival fashion here is sort of like a hybrid of bohemian and edgy. Here’s what I mean:

Photos: Johanna Siring/MATTE Projects

Chloe Nørgaard

Dez Sam

Leah Pinero, Jermaine Jagger, Brik Olson

Savannah Engel, Chloe Nørgaard

Photos: Mike Vitelli/BFA

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But of course, Vanessa Hudgens (our unsung Queen of music festivals) always makes sure to bestow her bohemian vibes upon us:

Photos: Steve Ferdman/Getty Images

Some more of our favorite highlights were,

Elisa Johnson living her best life:

Photo: Johanna Siring/MATTE Projects

Sif Saga and Derek Longbottom putting us to shame with their public displays of affection:


Photos: Mike Vitelli/BFA

All of this beautiful hair:

Sebastian Tribbie’s backpack:

Photos: Johanna Siring/MATTE Projects

And of course, would a party really be a party without a Van Leeuwen’s ice cream truck? Nope. Gotta love Brooklyn.

Van Leeuwen

Photo: Mike Vitelli/BFA

Click HERE to learn more about Full Moon Fest.

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