From the Small Screen to the Studio, Singer Sara Jeihooni Is Making Her Next Move

Shahs of Sunset may be over, but it’s only the beginning for Sara Jeihooni. The business woman turned reality television star has made a major career pivot since her Bravo days, hard-launching a music career that might just be her greatest move yet. 

Jeihooni’s it-girl energy is apparent through her pop songs, which are catchy, edgy, bold, and fearlessly herself. Her EP is a window into what’s to come – jaw-dropping lyrics, eye-catching visuals, and a deliciously dauntless next chapter from one of television’s favorite names.

The songstress chats exclusively with Galore about her latest single, finding her groove, and how she looks that hot while getting it all done.

You were such a star on Shahs of Sunset, how have you navigated reality TV fame as you transition into your music career?
Shahs was a really incredible and difficult experience all in one. After Shahs, I took some time for myself and worked on my music. 

Known for your glam, what are some beauty products you are obsessed with right now?
My Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil is just a staple because brows are life and the foundation of the face.
My Better Than Sex Waterproof Too Faced Mascara.
My Makeup Forever artist lip pencil in the shade Wherever Walnut.
Oh and My Fenty Beauty FU$$Y Lip Gloss

“In My Bag” has been such a hit, can you tell us some personal goals you have for any upcoming music?
For the past year I’ve been working on my EP project. That was a big goal of mine to put out a project- a body of work. My favorite thing growing up was buying CDs so it just fulfills a little thing inside of me to put together a project. It’s complete and will be released early 2024. My goal in the meantime is to start delivering the visuals to really accompany the music. 

You have a new single, ‘BODY’ – tell us about your writing and recording process!

It’s really a mood thing. I usually know exactly the direction and lyrical content and I usually have something I want to say before I even get to the studio. I’ll record, then sit on it for a few days and revisit it with fresh ears and make adjustments until the second it’s sent off to mastering. Haha I’m such a perfectionist. I can’t just let it be. 

What are your go-to glam necessities for days in the studio?
My necessities are my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – my MAC blush in the shade Melba and a Ardell Strip Demi Wispie lash. 

Looking back at the start of your music career after parting from Shahs of Sunset, how do you think you have grown as an artist?
I’ve started to find my sound more. Vocally I’ve grown and I’m much more comfortable on the records. The music just gets better and better from record to record. The growth is definitely there which encourages me to stick with it and see where I can take it. 

What projects are you most looking forward to in 2024?
The release of my EP! I put so much into it and I can’t wait to share it with people. No two records sound the same and I’m excited for people to get a more well rounded perspective of me as an artist. 

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@sarajeihooni for @galore

Muse: Sara Jeihooni

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Sara Jeihooni for Galore

Muse: Sara Jeihooni

Production: Emily Blair Media

Photography: Kirt Barnett 

Lead stylist: Christina Corso 

Hairstylist: Alex Thao

MUA: Kasie Dike

Gaffer: Kevin Cecil

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