Why Friend Breakups Can Be Worse Than Relationship Breakups

Most people have experienced relationship breakups. Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee, anyone can agree that they fucking suck.

But what most people don’t usually think about is that friend breakups can be just as painful. And I am here to tell you that a friendship breakup is worse than a relationship breakup could ever be. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Friendships last longer

We’ve all heard the phrase “lifelong friend.” The same can’t be said for “lifelong boyfriend” or “lifelong husband.”

When it comes to dating a man, there are two ways for it to go down. Either you break up or you get married, and one of those is much more common than the other. You only have one shot for a forever and ever romance, but plenty of your friendships can last literally until death do you part. That is why it can be so shocking when it doesn’t go down that way.

2. It’s harder to start a friendship than a relationship

This may not be true for some but in my experience, this has absolutely been the case. Mostly because men are thirsty and all you have to do is smile at one for them to try and seal the deal. A friendship, on the other hand, takes time and effort to build. Though of course it’s ideal for your significant other to be your best friend as well, which sadly, rarely ever happens.

3. You expect your ladies to be there for you

Let’s be honest here, no woman who has dated more than two men in her life has high expectations for the species. This is why we get so excited when they do the most basic things such as admitting that women can be both smart and beautiful and remembering to shower every other day. With your girlfriends, it’s different. You expect them to be there for you and it can be heartbreaking when they aren’t.

4. It’s easier to dump a guy than a friend

Because of the transient nature of relationships, most of us have some idea of how we will ultimately breakup with the person we are currently dating (unless of course this guy is wifey material, in that case refer to point number one). With a friendship though, you are often left completely unprepared and unable to impose an ending no matter how long you two have known each other. Friend breakups just don’t happen as much, so there’s less of a precedent for what to say.

5. Your best friend is the one who comforts you post-breakup

You are going to be equally, if not more, sad post friend breakup than post relationship breakup. This is the time when you will realize that the girl who brought you wine and ice cream after a particularly bad dumping is no longer around.
Friendship Love Is Fucking Pure: Usually uncomplicated, full of trust and much more real than most relationships. When that ends it hits like a blow and suddenly your pure sister love is severed like a post 90’s Beyonce from Destiny’s Child.

6. You can’t replace girly fun with BF/GF stuff

A friend is the sort of person you talk to every day and see every week. A boyfriend is like that too but let’s be real here, unless you’re drunk, you are probably not texting cat pictures to this dude at 2:30 in the morning.

The bottom line: if you’re having issues with a friend, you should be able to talk to each other about it before cutting ties. After all, friendship breakups are the worst and if something can be fixed, you should definitely try before doing something that you can’t take back.

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